Customer Loyalty Rewards

Little Fish Audio Customer Loyalty Rewards


Customer Loyalty


We here at Little Fish Audio believe that our customers deserve the best guidance, service, and support that we can possibly muster.

It is also clear that customers are looking for additional value and choices, to stretch their dollar a bit further. Different customers value different things, and our aim is to me accomodating and inclusive.

For All Little Fish Audio Customers:

When making a hardware purchase, all Little Fish Audio customers are able to choose between either (1) a discount* from our competitors published price or (2) two of the following:

  • A 25% coupon code for any electronically delivered software or plugin of equal or lesser value.
  • An 2 year extention of your Warranty (products over $750)
  • A free accessory from dropdown menu on product page. Cables, snakes, pop screens and other goodies are made available where appropriate

For Customers who become advocates and/or long time customers:

We also reward our loyal customers with even bigger savings. Our aim is to create a site that is rich with recording know-how, and valuable studio credibility. 

The following actions earn gear points, or heavier discounting towards your purchases (up to dealer cost on Hardware, and to no limit on software):






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