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Review: Apogee One

Submitted On May 30, 2013 by Contributor:
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Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

89/ 100

Review Details

Price: $250.00


* Sounds Fantastic * Great Value for $ * Good sounding, clean preamp * Built in Microphone! * USB Powered


* No dedicated Headphone output
My Review

       Apogee has always been known as a good brand. For years, Engineers have talked nothing but good things when it comes to the apogee line, starting with their great clocking technology (Big Ben) and their great conversion. There used to be no in between when it came to an apogee product, especially those looking for some great conversion, but also flexible I/O as well. All became well when they released their interface, The Ensemble. High praise was rewarded, as it sounded fantastic and worked flawlessly with Macs. although it had a 2,000 price tag, still leaving us with no cheaper options. Duet came next, offering two channels of I/O and we all loved where the company was headed. Now came the Apogee One. A 1 in/ 2 out portable apogee interface, Offering one channel of great conversion/clocking and two channels of D/A for your speakers. I neede something small and portable for referencing mixes when I’m mobile, so this fit the bill right. It ships with a USB cable for powering/hooking up to the computer (self powered) and a breakout cable offering a instrument input (Hi-Z in) and a XLR connecter. on the bottom of the unit is an output jack (3.5) for your headphones OR your monitors. No dedicated outputs for speakers, only one output for headphones/monitors without an option for separate HP mixes. The One also ships with a hidden trick up it’s sleeve. The interface itself has a built in microphone. That’s right, right in the front of the interface is a small microphone that can be used as an input to your DAW. Setup is simple, just install the Apogee Maestro software and plug in. The Built in Mic sounds exceptionally well. it sounds flat and is very clean, you can get away with using this mic extensively. The Mic pre included in the One is very very good as well. Again, very clean and transparent. Reproduces Mids and low end very well, and it doesn’t start to crack under alot of SPL. It certainly handles anything you throw at it very well, and gave me near perfect results. Although not very colored, using external preamps I received a great amount of color and harmonics. The DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) are really, REALLY good. I used to have a Digi 003 as the centerpiece of my studio setup, and just switching to the apogee one, at a fraction of the cost, made a tremendous difference. Everything felt more evened out (Even though i know the Apogee is colored in the Low Mid) than the 003. The Stereo Width was huge, The 003 sounded like the sound was boxed in and being covered by a pillow or something in comparison. Everything opened up more and I can hear the low end that was non-existant on my 003. The Knob in the front can control multiple things, such as Monitor Level, Input Level, and Mute (By holding down the button for 3 seconds). All the controls can of course be controlled by the Maestro Application and is easily recallable. This is a great value for anyone who needs reliable, good sounding portable rig without the need for recording multiple sources. The sound rivals a thousand dollar studio setup and can give you professional sounding results no matter where you work. Apogee have definitely won with the One

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