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Review: Behringer X32

Submitted On April 20, 2014 by Contributor:
X32 Beauty shot_378x267px



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

100/ 100

Review Details

Price: £2,200


Things I love about it, and why …

1. Recalling *everything*

This thing recalls every parameter, including gain settings. This is a huge time saving when doing live work. For recording I save each song's mix and recall it easily. For teaching I have 16 channels setup for mics on drums / guitar / bass etc. And 16 setup for returns from the computer. I can record in seconds and I can play back, with FX, EQ etc. already in place.

2. Scribble strips / colour coding

I can see at a glance what is where. Live this is a real help. And it impresses customers.

3. iPad remote control

I can set the mixer up to the side of the stage and mix from anywhere / everywhere. I can mix monitors stood right in the sweet spot. Plus it looks like some sort of witchcraft when people see the faders moving all on their own.

4. Sends on Faders

Where do I start. The singer's monitor mix isn't right … press 2 buttons and now the main fader tell me what he/she is getting. It's instant and it's clear immediately. Then I can tweak using the faders – so it's easy to make fine adjustments or big adjustments … of many things at once. In the studio this is the same for the musician's cue mix … and if I solo their mix I can tweak while they are tracking. It's amazing how a few subtle changes to a cue mix can instantly and immediately improve a musician's performance.

5. USB / Firewire 32×32 Interface

I can do live multitrack recordings to a laptop via a single USB cable. And the sends are all pre-fader / pre-EQ / pre-FX so I can still mix the live gig without any concerns about what it's doing to the recording process.



Things that aren't so good … it's size, especially when in a flight case. But hey … it's got 25 faders so it's not going to be small.
My Review

I’m a full time musician, music teacher & sound engineer. I’ve been running live sound and operating my own project studio for over 2 decades. And I absolutely love my Behringer X32.

Having previously used Behringer’s DDX3216 both live and in the studio, I was very excited when the X32 came out. However, I was also cautious and did loads of research before making a buying decision. Luckily, every article I found, every review I read, and every person I spoke to, all said the same thing … that it’s a professional, solid piece of kit and is as good as other consoles that cost significantly more.


I could go on, but I won’t. In summary, the X32 is everything I hoped for an more. If you spend time understanding it you will find it is very fast and very intuitive. And it sounds great. Those are the two most important factors in any console … because then you can focus 100% of your concentration on the music.

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