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Review: Blackstar HT Club 40 1×12″ 40 Watt Tube Combo

Submitted On May 18, 2013 by Contributor:



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92/ 100

Review Details

Price: 699


great clean and dirty channels, strong build, good looks


clean channel only has one tone knob
My Review

Bought this amp to add a versatile combo to the studio. Starting with the clean channel, it has two voicings. One is a vintage style fender sound with good breakup controlled by the clean channel volume knob (there is a master volume for both channels) and the second voicing is a modern class A/B type very clean. The second setting is my favorite for the clean just by how clean it really gets for a 40 w combo. It geats sparkling clean with no breakup no matter how loud you push it. Very nice. So between the two voicings the clean channel is well covered. Only complaint on the clean channel is there is only one tone knob, it doesnt share the eq with the drive channel. But it hasnt been a problem for me, the tone knob does do a good job of shaping. 

The drive channel also has two voicing a vintage Marshall type sound and a modern mesa/engl type sound. Again very versatile. The drive channel does have more eq including the variable shape isp which changes the tone depending on your eq settings. 

The reverb is probably the best combo reverb I’ve ever heard and even has a dark/light tone switch. When the reverb is cranked all the way it sounds like a really lush wet lexicon type reverb, not your tank reverb kind of wet. Keep in mind it is a digital reverb not an analog tank, which is fine by me! 

The celestion it comes with is good as a combo, but i like to use the amp as a head to feed my avatar cab with V30’s, but thats all preference.

Amp also has an FX loop and a very sturdy footswitch. All in all a very versatile amp and for the price you cant beat it.

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