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Review: Egnater Tweaker w/ 1×12 ext cab

Submitted On May 24, 2013 by Contributor:



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97/ 100

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Price: Head $399 Cab $249


Insane variety of tone


no foot switch ability
My Review

Finding a single good studio amp can be a real adventure.  You want something that sounds amazing, but something that can be versatile as well so that you don’t need to keep 4 or 5 (or more) amps laying around.  Some have a great clean tone, other a great crunch or distortion, other seem to play the middle of the road but don’t do either very well.  Some are 100 watt, made for arena gigs and don’t get to that sweet spot until the amp is so loud the neighboring state can hear you.  Enter the Egnater Tweaker.  3 amps in one, tiny in stature, huge in tone!  All tube 15 watt (and dont let that fool you, I can’t get past 4 or 5 without waking the neighborhood!).  Tons of tonal variation ability! Let’s dive in!

Powered by 2 6v6 tubes and driven by 12AX7’s this little monster screams.  The front features a 3 band EQ and a myriad of switches to “tweak” your sound to perfection.  There are 3 “amp” modes which alter the signal path of the amp (no chips here it’s all analog tube butter!).  First is the “USA” (fender).  This is the goto for a nice clean sound, but quite nice at a creamy thick bluesy tone as well.  Second is the “AC” (Vox).  A nice “Beatlesque” sound for that classic drive, but not over the top.  Third is the “Brit” (Marshall).  From an attitude clean to a balls out distortion (my fav).  Each channel can be tweaked further using 3 other switches.  The Clean/Hot switch takes you from Clean to Dirt for each channel (so now we’re up to 6 unique sounds total)  There is a bass switch labeled “Tight / Deep” (giggidy) which almost seems like a High Pass Filter of sorts and really focuses the bottom end well (up to 12 sounds now).  Next is a treble control labeled “Bright / Normal” which adds some extra sparkle onto your sound (great on some clean sounds with a single coil!… oh yeah thats 24 sounds now)  Last is another tone shaper called “Vintage / Modern” which from what I understand handles the power section of the unit giving some tonal variation to the sound (more apparent at higher volumes… and we’re at 48 individual sounds)  Without touching a knob, we have 48 tones out of the amp.  Need more?  you have a gain knob, a master volume knob and the 3 eq knobs to dial in that perfect sound. 

The ONLY (and  I mean ONLY) gripe i have with the head, is there is no remote or footswitch control (might have to see if a mod is available).  And one really can’t complain about it since honestly, I don’t really see this amp being used outside of a studio setting where it gets setup, you do your passes then change tones and do more passes if needed. (well that and bedroom jamming)  Egnater makes bigger heads that are made for live applications that have more features in that regard, though you certainly could do a small show with this amp, even though its 15 watts.

The cabinet (the egnater 112x extension cab) features a Celestion G12H-30 watt 16 ohm speaker and a semi open back enclosure.  The cab is just as much a tone machine as the head and a perfect match to boot.  An absolute joy to mic up, no creaks rattles moans or groans.

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Full service boutique studio in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. In addition to recording media services, the studio also builds a great deal of custom studio equipment.

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