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Review: Eventide H3000 Factory

Submitted On May 24, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

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38/ 100

Review Details

Price: $350


Looks cool? Not really though.


As convoluted as the hardware unit, but harder to use for some reason. NONE of the best eventide programs included in the software.
My Review

When I found out that Eventide was releasing the H3000 as a plugin, I though, “AWESOME! I can finally afford to get those cool effects!”  What I DIDN’T DO was read the fine print that was quite buried at times regarding the software.  First off, this is NOT a full H3000 set of sounds.  The BEST parts of the H3000 are missing (microshifting and the later revision of the crystalline effect… basically anything you’d want a H3000 for).  I ordered the software before finding this out, and downloaded the trial before my serial key came via email (or ilok… either way it NEVER came anyway… apparently eventide was on vacation that month and boy am I glad it didn’t come).  I installed it, then fought to get the trial mode to run, (after a few re-installs).  But got it going… oh boy here I go!!!  Can’t wait to type in my favorite preset on that little number pad that I used to use on the hardware…..  the number pad…. click click…. ???  nothing??? OHhhhhhhhhh i get it, the number pad is just there for looks… does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…. Waste of space on my screen… ok, lets go… I look in the manual, give a list of the hardware preset and the plugin preset number… 45…46.47…54??? what happened to preset 48-53 (these are just example numbers btw)? Oooooh…. i get it, its not ALL of the presets from the original eventide H3000…. but surely they left out those programs that no one ever used…. NO? They only KEPT the ones that no one ever used?  Oh for the love of God!  What redeeming value does this set of plugs have.  Let’s just start making a preset from something else.  Meh… mediocre delay…. mediocre delay… mediocre delay disguised as a reverb.  WHERE IS THE GOODNESS OF THE H3000?!!??!?!??!?!!??!?1?! Nowhere to be found.  This mediocre at best collection of misfit toys does not deliver.  The only good thing i can see in this set of plugins is the interface that actually works, is KIND of intuitive in the sense that if you’ve ever used a complex patch bay, you can pretty much wire up an combination of sounds that might be available, provided you can find something that you’d actually want to use.   Now I know why the guys at sound toys made their own plugin company (sound toys guys were some of the original programmers that did the eventide programs).  All the stuff you WANT out of the eventide package are all sound toys plugins (micro shift, crystallizer…)  If you enjoy spending hard earned money on something that is substandard (with a prestigious name attached to it) this is for you.  If you want classic eventide sounds, go on over to soundtoys, they’ve got you covered!


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Full service boutique studio in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. In addition to recording media services, the studio also builds a great deal of custom studio equipment.

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