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Review: Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Closed-back Circumaural Headphones

Submitted On May 29, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

65/ 100

Review Details

Price: 99


good build, comfortable, decent isolation


not good for mixing, very midrange heavy
My Review

I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t like these headphones. These are the most midrangey things I have ever put on my head. Since I got them they have been demoted down to tracking headphones only if the others are taken. 

These are monitor headphones so they are generally flat in response. The bass is nice and even not hyped in the least. The high end is present but not sizzling. But the midrange that these have just kills it for me. Usually even lower end studio headphones will sound great for ipod use and casual listening but I made the mistake of bringing these on a road trip. My ears were so fatigued from the barrage of midrange harshness that even the best engineered albums annoyed me.

Plus side is these are very well built, offer pretty good sound isolation for not being specific isolation headphones, and are pretty comfortable.

Yes they are only $99 but you can get some ATH M40fs for only $69 that sound way better or shure srh440 for $99



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3 Reviews


    "These headphones are great, They have an outstanding low and midrange. The cups are great for monitoring while recording they keep the sound in the earcup and your ear."




    "Looks like you’re not the only one musicgen, I 100% agree with both you and meistudio – these headphones are simply put very disappointing. I was looking for another set of closed cans for tracking, and instead of going with a cheap throw away pair thought I could spend a little extra and get a set that could maybe see double duty as another set of “reference quality” headphones to check mixes on. Already owning and loving the Audio Technica ATH-50s, I decided to try these Sennheiser HD 280s.

    Upon first listen, my initial reaction was – where did the bass go?! The ATH-50s have such a great extended bass thats present but not overpowering, that I was shocked to hear the bass almost completely disappear in these cans! Note I’m probably talking about sub bass frequencies mainly, as you can still obviously hear kicks and bass guitar – just not as well as with the ATH-50s. Next after a few min of listening, I noticed how hyped the mids are – almost to the extent of unusable! At the very least they are not enjoyable to listen to music. Whats funny is I’m a HUGE fan of a nice midrange in my music and listening devices, so thats not the problem. In fact, I typically find “consumer grade” stuff to be all subs and high end, lacking nice warm mids. However, the mids on these cans are NOT warm and flattering at all, and boarder on harsh.

    Whats odd is I did a ton of online research before purchasing blind and these headphone were highly recommended by multiple sources on the internet!! I really cant believe it!! For anyone searching now and reading this, STAY AWAY!! If you need closed back headphones, I recommend you stretch your budget just a little bit more and get that Audio Technica ATH-50’s (see my review). Lesson learned, never buy headphones without listening to them first!

    As the other reviews state the build quality is good, and the isolation is fine for tracking. However, there are better tracking headphones, and better mix headphones, so I dont see any reason to purchase these at all."

    "Built well

    Good isolation


    "Midrange WAY to hyped, making them a poor choice for mixing headphone, or general listening for that matter. "




    "Ill have to agree with musicgen on this one 100% These cans sound like CANS… horrible mids that just kill your ears after a short amount of time.
    These were purchased for the studio for the job of isolating the click and room noise for drummers which is does quite well… I will also use them for folks that “need the headphones louder”… Nothing like tracking vocals with a nasty CLICK CLICK CLICK in the background or a ending cymbal crash with the same noise. They have a nice curly cable that has a nice long reach for the artist to be quite far from the box i have installed in the wall which is nice. The padding is really nice and they shrink and expand as needed without issue. Everything on them is plastic which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how well they are taken care of.
    Would I use these to check a mix… absolutely not. A rare miss for Sennheiser. I can’t even say you get what you pay for since the AKG k240s are in the same price range and I could listen to them all day."

    "Solidly built, great for iso while tracking"

    "Sound aweful"



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