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Review: Shure SM58 Microphone

Submitted On May 18, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

90/ 100

Review Details

Price: 99


Great for live sound, especially live vocals


Price vs performance ratio very high



might not work on all sources
My Review

This has been the industry standard mic for stage vocal use for a while and for good reason. Though its probably not the best sounding vocal mic in the world, it does not sound bad at all, and its affordability and durability make it something for the budget minded musician to consider. 


Apparently internally this is the same mic as the SM57, which is obviously a highly regarded studio and stage mic, with the addition of the ball filter. This ball filter is basically acting like a pop screen / wind filter, allowing it to be more suited for vocals, but this doesn’t mean its limited to only vocal use, as the work great on a wide variety of sources. To me, the 58 & 57, though different sounding, sound very similar in the grand scheme of things, and would have no problem using a SM58 in place of a SM57 on a guitar cab or snare if I ran out of 57’s. 


Moving coil dynamic. Cardioid pattern. Rugged ball pop filter. No switches. Just get up close to the sound source and record. Great! 


Though designed for live use, I’ve found they work great in the studio as well. Recording guitar cabs is an obvious application, as well as snare – both of which 57’s are traditionally used. I’ve also heard of the 58 being used as a mono room mic for a drum kit – got to try this one myself one day! But the main gig for the  58 is vocals, and it has been used in many big name studio vocals on many popular albums where artists have the choice of using anything they want. So at least its worth a try. 


Bottom line, every mic cabinet should have an SM58 – and if you area a live sound guy, you already have a boat load of them. 🙂

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