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Review: Soundtoys Radiator

Submitted On October 3, 2013 by Contributor:
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Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

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96/ 100

Review Details

Price: $129


one of the best analog emulators around

Instant vibe and tone

the color is sweet sounding and musically pleasing




Is not included in their Native Effects bundle

My Review

A set of vintage preamps no one else seems to be emulating 

      Soundtoys is one of my favorite plugin manufacturers. They easily offer the best plugin bundle at the best price in this industry with their acclaimed Native Effects bundle.  As if Soundtoys couldn’t top the extreme, yet amazing effects included in the bundle, out comes their new line of processors, referred to as the “Boutique” line of effects. So far there are 3 processors that fall into this category and Radiator is one of them.

       Radiator and Little Radiator are based off of Altec tube preamps and mixers from the 1960’s. Little Radiator was free for a few weeks and then the full Radiator was released soon after. These things rock! I’m personally a big fan of analog style plugins and this one does not disappoint. Adding an instance of Radiator made my recording sound full and fat. I added it on the master buss and boosted a small amount of low and top end and the record really sounded like a finished song. It was almost like a tape effect, where it glues things together and adds the depth not found on digital. Next I tried it on guitars, killer!!. The top end crunch from the Radiator made the guitars cut through with fatiguing your ears too quickly. It pretty much softened the initial transient pluck associated with acoustic guitars and female vocals. On bass, WHOA! this thing kills! I was blown away completely on what it does to individual sources. Pushing the input gives a nice fuzz quality that works well with certain genres and can easily cut something through in a mix. There isn’t anything I threw this at where it didn’t automatically make it that much better. Give the Radiator a try and you will NOT be sorry


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