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Review: Tonelux EQ5P 500 series Eq

Submitted On November 1, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

94/ 100

Review Details

Price: 699.99


tough built design

extremely flexible 

instant gratification thanks to transformer coloration 

metal casing around the card to avoid damage to it

Fantastic sounded eq

Frequencies are clearly labeled as well

as db values  





Dual concentric pots can move when only moving one of them (moving frequency might move gain) however this could have happened since it was a new unit and maybe the pots where a little stuck together?

you might realize you want a whole rack of them!

My Review

The Tonelux EQ5P is a 500’series format discrete parametric eq, it features 4 bands (LF, LMF, HMF, HF) with gain and frequency control, while the two bottom bands overlap the two top frequency bands are identical in frequency response.  The Eq has no “q” control, the q is a constant energy q controlled by how much is boosted or cut, the more dBs being pushed or cut the tighter the eq curve will be, making this a very musical eq, it does have a sharper q control which helps a lot when trying to be more “surgical” but enough of the technical stuff and let’s get into the interesting stuff!!

i tried this eq first on a mono Room mic over the drums (u87 in omni mode) going thru  a BAE vintage api312a pre anyone familiar with this pre knows it’s a hot pre that opens up when pushed. After inserting the EQ5P in the chain I could notice that just having the eq in the chain tamed the  highs on the cymbals by rounding them out and definitely adding some nice mid/low-mid push thanks to the transformers in the unit, once the knob twisting started is when I fell in love. First I added a 3db boost in the  low end around 100hz to make the kick and low end of the shells come thru, what I got was a thicker kick without mudding the rest of the low end, this was achieved by using the sharp q control,  next the low mid band ,I tried taking some  mud out, so around 800 I made a 2db cut which immediately tightened the room and added definition to the overall kit,  bypass the unit at this point and bringing back in re-assured the great job the eq was doing. Next we moves up to the HMF band, I went for a 3.5db boost around the 4k range, here it added a nice punch and made the shells, specially the snare just come to life, a lot more bite and quite forward, the attack from the shells was a lot more present now, finally I went for the HF BAND AND used it  as a shelf at 4k again, it just seemed to work nicely, the boost was of 5 dBs  and it just made the cymbals shine, but without being harsh at all, instead it seemed to tame them and added some sheen to it (maybe the transformer being pushed again?) bypass the eq and bringing  It back in showed that the tonal color of this eq was fantastic, warm, punchy and detailed.


if I had nothing but  tonelux eq for a session, I would be a Very happy boy! 

overall this eq proves to be  great shaping tool with lots of mojo not for the faint of heart, if you’re looking for a surgical clean eq, look somewhere else, but if you want character and superior tone from your tracks, grab yourself at least a pair, I know I will!


next week I’ll be doing a review of this unit again being used on electric guitars!


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