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Review: UAD Cooper Time Cube MK II Delay Plugin

Submitted On July 1, 2013 by Contributor:
UAD cooper_tc_sq



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91/ 100

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Price: $149


Great sounding, easy to use, unique sound that takes a classic piece of analog gear and modernizes it through more options and control. Simply one of the best delays available on any platform. 




My Review

What do you get when you combine a garden hose and a musician. No, not a beer bong – but a boing, boing, boing!! The Cooper Time Cube is a unique delay unit that actually gets its sound from incorporating a full garden hose into the delay mechanics! (if you get a chance google image the original hardware – its really amazing to see!!) Though the original unit only had delay times of 14ms, 16ms or a combined 30ms, thankfully the UAD plugin has modernized this classic, offering the same classic sound but with the addition of variable delay times, decay, pan and volume controls plus tempo sync and Automation for each of the two independent delay lines. 


Where I personally think this plugin excels in is short delays and doubling effects. I simply LOVE the added space and richness this delay plugin can give to a vocal when run at really short delays (i.e. delays between 5ms-16ms.) It also works great for that Haas effect, which can make a vocal just pop out of the speakers. I’ve tried a lot of delays in this capacity, and the Cooper Time Cube excels at this job where other fell flat. Of course this delay is fully featured and thus capable of much more than just short delays, and I’ve used it to great success on in this capacity on guitars for example, but whenever I need a short delay or to enhance the sound of a part, I reach for the Cooper Time Cube. 


Whats funny is this plugin actually came with my UAD2 upgrade and I wrote it off thinking “I dont need another delay.” Boy was I wrong! This is a great sounding delay that I personally use in every mix! HIGHLY recommended. 

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