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Review: UAD DM-1 Delay Module

Submitted On July 1, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

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93/ 100

Review Details

Price: FREE with UAD purchase


FREE with a purchase of UAD


Great sounding, easy to use delay with low DSP hit


Capable of a wide range of sounds (delay, chorus, flange, stereo widening, etc) with lots of control



GUI is a bit dated

My Review

Another free plugin that comes with your UAD purchase, the Universal Audio’s DM-1 Delay Module is very underrated mixing tool capable of not only delay, but nice chorus and flange as well.  You get 7 different effects via the mode pop-up menu, which include Chorus, Chorus180 (in which the 2 chorus oscillators are modulating 180 degrees out of phase) QuadChorus (in which both oscillators are modulating 90 degrees out of phase), two types of Flanger, Dual Delay, and Ping Pong delay. 


One use I LOVE this module for is making a narrow stereo source sound wider via Chorus. Thanks to the extra parameters you can really dial in the sound, and to my ears it often times sounds wider and cleaner than the UAD Dimension D plugin! Just want it a tad wider, adjust the independent Left and Right pan knobs to 65%. Want overall less effect, adjust the Wet Dry mix. Want it a little less bright, lower the Dampening amount. Great versatility and sculpting options at your disposal. Though I dont use Flange that much in my music, when I do want a tad I again go with the DM-1, as I love the ability to change the LFO type, as this will give you different types of flange. For example, if you run a straight sine wave, it will sound like the flange is coming from dead center, where if you change it to sine180 (out of phase) it sounds like the flange is coming out the sides of the signal, which again can be controlled with the independent Left and Right pans. Very cool stuff. 


Of course I can talk about the delay unit without talking about the delay. Again this unit is capable of basically any type of clean delay you want. No tape delay here, just clean, good, quick delay. I must admit I actually dont really use it much for delay as I prefer other plugins I own, but in a pinch this would work fine and does the job quite well. One thing to note is that the UAD DM-1 also comes with DM-1L, which allows for longer delays. The reason why they had to add another plugin is that in order to do longer delays, the UAD card needs to use more memory, so having it as a separate plugin means you won’t use this extra memory unless you really need it. 


Overall I personally feel the DM-1 is a very good and capable plugin. I think it sounds just as good, if not better than any Delay, chorus, flanger that might come with your DAW, but with the obvious added benefits of running on DSP so no CPU use. Again, I think the only thing keeping this plugin for getting recognized and used more is the dated GUI. Bottom line, do not overlook this plugin. 


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