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Review: UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip

Submitted On August 23, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

94/ 100

Review Details

Price: $299


* Smoothest EQ Ever!

* Midrange presence that rounds out peaks like a neve would

* Very musical 

* Snappy Compressor that tightens drums very nicely

* Top End is not harsh at all

* Very flexible compressor that compliments most sources! 




* Expensive

* Must have UAD-2 Hardware to run/demo


My Review

One of the most recognized, reliable, and lusted after digital console of our digital generation. Universal Audio has meticulously emulated the channel strip dynamics section of the world famous Neve 88RS. The Equalization is superb, Incredibly smooth without any grainy artifacts. A stunning top end that never seems to get harsh. It seems to add a little bit of sparkle to the most blandest digital sources. It’s colored, but not too much. I’ve seen the EQ section mold and completely shape a dull source, making the bypassed version lifeless in comparison. The Compressor  is great sounding without being as aggressive as the SSL. Still tightens things up nicely, rounding out percussive tracks in a musical way without losing any transients. I would compare it to a MUCH smoother SSL 4k dynamics section. Much like the SSL, The attack is preset and can be changed to faster by click “FAST.” I love how it tightens and cleans up drums. On acoustic guitars, The high shelf was incredibly satisfying, not too harsh, and still brought it to the front of the mix without taking attention away from the focal instruments. On female pop vocals, it does the job! It worked wonders on subtractive EQ and fit the style perfectly. An Expander/Gate section also exists and works exceptionally well for drums. The signal flow (order) of processors can be rearranged so you can decide EQ or compression first. This is truly one of UA’s best plugin. Try it out for yourself and you won’t want to part with it.


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