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Review: UAD Pultec Pro EQ Plug-In

Submitted On July 1, 2013 by Contributor:
UAD Pultec Pro



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86/ 100

Review Details

Price: $79


Great sounding pultec EQ that expands upon the original



Plugin adds 1.5db gain to incoming source and has no output gain controls making it hard to A/B objectively

My Review

Universal Audio’s Pultec Pro is a combination of the Free Pultec EQP-1A (which I reviewed here: ) and an emulation of the old Pultec MEQ-5 Midrange Hardware Equalizer in a single plug-in. Obviously the original EQP-1A was designed and focuses on high and low frequency shaping, so whats cool about the Pultec Pro is the addition of the MEQ-5 EQ section is that allows you to boost and cut midrange bands with the same silky smoothness and personality of a Pultec EQ! 


Whats nice about the MEQ-5 midrange section is you have the option of a nice pultec boost between 200Hz-1kHz, a Dip control with a huge range between 200Hz-7kHz, and another boost control for the high mids from 1.5kHz-5kHz. I personally find this added flexibility most useful on the mater buss, and before I got the WONDERFUL UAD Manley Massive Passive (which I will review on this site) the Pultec Pro lived on my mix buss, which I would normally use to give a slight airy boost to the highs, a little more beef to the low end, and use the midrange controls to either cut or boost a bit at the necessary frequency range. Though I must admit I’ve sense turned to PSP NobleQ for its added flexibility, there is still something about the UAD plutec Pro sound that I still enjoy very much. 


My one problem with the UAD Pultec is that the plugin boosts the incoming signal by about 1.5 db with all knobs at zero (i.e. just turning on the plugin), which can be deceiving when you A/B with the dry signal. I hear people say “I add a UAD pultec to every mix, even if I dont use the EQ at all, as it just makes my mix sound better!” While this is true of the hardware, and could possibly be true of the plugin too, but once I discovered that the plugins output gain is hotter than its input, once I compensated for this with a gain plugin I found a hard time hearing any difference. 


Though this plugin lists for $79, which would be a fair price if you didn’t already get the Pultec EQP-1A free with any UAD purchase, the Pultec Pro is on sale ALL the time, sometimes as much as half off! And when combined with UA’s occasional coupons and promotions, you can get it for a song! If you always wanted more control over your Pultec EQ, and you can get it on sale, I do recommend this plugin. 


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