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Review: Waves Redd

Submitted On October 31, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

Ease of Use


Overall Value

Total Score

93/ 100

Review Details

Price: $200


Great emulation of a vintage aggressive console sound

each mode has 2 separate channels emulated

Saturation is very analog sounding

high and low pass filters are smooth and great for tone shaping



not as low on CPU as i would have liked

only two filters no High And low pass so only for tone shaping

My Review

I have owned this for quite some time now and after using it and actually getting to hear the real thing a few times I have really started to like this plugin when i want to do ether really nice analog style distortion or aggressive console coloring . the plugin is pretty simple you get 2 emulations the Redd 17 the Redd 51 the Redd 51 has two diforent valve emulations.


both the Redd 17 and 51 use a high and low shelf and a bass Pad or Lift and distortion and noise.

One thing that is pretty cool is that both plugins actually run in Dual mono Stereo or MS.

A nice little thing that waves did was they modeled 2 channels on each plugin so in reality you get about 6 emulation because each channel sounds different and since the Redd 51 has 2 flavors or colors in one plugin with the 2 channels each sounding diforent depending on the valve amp you chose its actually4 in that one plugin.

the Redd 51 has a pop and classical setting that have different sounds and even changes how the eq reacts all in all its a decent plugin for adding bite to guitars filling snares and adding a nice growl to bass guitars. I would highly recommend demoing them and trying them on they are perfect when you want a vintage or aggressive tone

Also at the time of this review there is a waves sale check sites like audio deluxe and dont crack to get great deals and extra money off the sale remember you have to log in to see the deals.

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About The Contributor

Jerry Mateo

Freelance Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Graduated with Honers from SAE Institute of the Recording Arts

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