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Review: XLN Audio Addictive Drums Virtual Instrument plug in

Submitted On May 28, 2013 by Contributor:



Build Quality

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75/ 100

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Price: 149


Lots of features for the money, cymbals sound great


not as polished a sound as other programs, snares are tough to get right
My Review

If you are looking for a virtual drum program on a budget, this one is it! Considering the cost compared to other drum programs like BFD and Superior drummer this on is right up there. 

For the purpose of this review I will compare it to Superior which I also own and is twice the price of AD. 

Addictive comes with several kits stock which all sound great especially the kit that loads on startup. The sound of the kits to me sounds like a very nicely recorded sound in a mid level studio, where as Superior sounds a little more high end. This can be a good thing because I find myself reaching for Addictive when I am looking for a more raw and gritty sound.

Here is where I think Addictive really shines. First, the cymbals are fantastic and sound and play better than other programs I’ve tried. Second, the midi implementation with the included files is awesome. The file system and preview are easy to do and the drag and drop function is so easy. If you are interested in using midi loops to build songs, Addictive is the best and their midi packs aren’t too expensive.

Where addictive lacks for me is the snares. I have a tough time getting the right snare sound with AD. Its limited amount of micing choices can be a blessing and a curse. You cant separate the bottom and top snare mics for processing, only blend them into one snare.  The room sounds are limited but good.  

I have almost all of the AD packs and retro drums is by far the best, followed by the electric set. The electric set is unique in the fact that it is sampled versions of classic Edrums and they sound great.

All in all if you are on a budget, look no further but if you are looking for a more polished sound, spend a little more dough


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