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Empirical Labs Distressor

The Swiss Army Knife of Compressors. A Modern Classic       The Empirical Labs Distressor is ...

Sennheiser MD441

It’s hard to know where to start when reviewing a classic that has gone through its paces many times before.  The MD441 is a mic in a class all by itself.  It is technically a dynamic microphone, however you would never...

Steven Slate Trigger

I have a small drum room in my studio.  It’s well treated and actually doesn’t sound bad to spite the lowish ceiling and small size if a really good drummer is playing.  But, let’s face it, the amount of tim...

Laka VUV100 Electric Ukulele

Everyone knows Ukulele’s are fun. Right! Well this electric Ukulele is even more fun, even louder and … it rocks.

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Short scale Bass

Holy Crap! $180!!!!!!!! Ok so I bought this bass for my studio. The intention was to have a bass that I could leave just hanging on the wall and grab it whenever I had ideas or for teaching so I wouldnt have to get the others o...
UAD ex-1

UAD EX-1 EQ & Compressor module plugin

Universal Audio’s EX-1 takes the EQ & Compressor section from their CS-1 Channel stri...

Waves API 550 EQ (Native)

Awesome EQ’s, you actually get both, the 55a 3 band and the 550b 4 band eq’s. Right now they are only $99 for both, go get them! I dont own hardware 550’s to compare them but I will share my experience with th...

Egnater Tweaker w/ 1×12 ext cab

Finding a single good studio amp can be a real adventure.  You want something that sounds amazing, but something that can be versatile as well so that you don’t need to keep 4 or 5 (or more) amps laying around.  Some ha...

TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal

TC is making great pedals right now. The build and sound quality are excellent and the price is reasonable. Considering the price this delay pedal is incredible. It is a digital delay that models various analog, digital and tap...
psp vintagemeter

PSP Audioware VintageMeter

(A poem review)   VintageMeter by PSP Widely adjustable and solves a need VU meter, ain’t it great? 32-bit only until update Works on both Mac and PC Runs as AU, RTAS or VST VintageMeter by PSP Download it now – be...
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.22.21 AM

McDSP ML4000

Total dynamic control when you need serious dynamic control      The McDSP ML4000 replaced my

Sennheiser MD421-II

Another classic from the Sennheiser MD line of mics.  A recreation of the original MD-421, the “421-ii” makes improvements over an older revision of the microphone and brings back this classic sounding mic.  The m...

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Professional Boom Stand

In a world where studio boom stands can cost $500 and up this stand is awesome for the price. In fact it was just lowered. You cannot find another stand at this quality in this price range. First the rollerblade wheels are cool...

Vintage AV1H LP Style Guitar

A few years ago I bought this guitar. It’s Vintage AV1 – a Les Paul copy but with only 3 knobs. It has a single volume and a single tone knob. The third knob turns the pickups from humbuckers to single coils … but in ...

Phoenix Audio Drs-1R 500 Series Preamp

This is a fantastic Vintage Neve style pre. Features include 70 DB gain, mic/line switch, High pass filter, phase reverse, mute, di select, 48v.  This is a Neve style pre so it has a gain knob and an output trim. There is a lo...

IK Multimedia – T-racks Vintage Compressors Bundle

To my ear these are the best and most authentic sounding native 1176 and La2a emulations I know. I own a 1176 myself and the shootout was scary close. I use these in nearly every mix I do. Also the 670 has some really nice over...

sE Electronics sE4 Stereo Pair condenser microphones

These mics are awesome. Pro level small diaphragm condenser pair with great shockmounts, stereo bar, and excellent aluminum case for $699. First thing you need to know is they are advertised as small diaphragm mics but they are...

AKG K240

Since there is no category for headphones, I’m placing this in monitors, since technically, these are monitoring devices. The

Royer R-121

An instant classic.  When David Royer brought this mic to market, it was an instant success among engineers “in the know”.  The ribbon microphone picks up audio most closely to the way our ears pick up sound.  An...
Yamaha FC5

Yamaha FC5 Sustain Foot Switch

A simple sustain pedal that works well for me. I personally like the square style sustain pedals vs the piano style with the actual pedal, and this one does the trick. Like most add on devices, make sure it works with your gear...

Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection

I’ve had the Slate Digital VCC plug in now for about 4 weeks and I’ve used it on every mix I’ve done. Having had the time to experiment I feel I can honestly say that it’s well worth the asking price. If...

Vertigo VSC 2 Compressor

I got to use the hardware unit a few times and can honestly say that this plugin has the same feeling to it. To me passing audio through a real hardware unit always is a different experience and sound but still this gets really...

Shure SM7b Dynamic Microphone

Love these things as an all around workhorse. They sound full and seem to work when most condensers do not. I like to hear what vocalists sound through these very often, in contrast something like our

AKG C 214 Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

What a great mic. You cant go wrong with this one. Supposed to be the same capsule as the famed 414 but with cardioid only pattern.  For the money you are getting a pro mic that is never harsh and the right mic for a lot of si...


Two things you should know before I start (1. I love a bargain (2. I’m a fan of tube mic preamps. With that being said, I found myself interested in the ART Pro MPA II. As I always do, (before I make any decision on a pur...

Shure KSM44a

The Shure KSM44a is a large diaphragm side address condenser microphone.  The mic features a 24k gold 1″ diaphragm and 4dB of self-noise and max SPL of 131dB for a total dynamic range of 127dB.  The mic is nothing short...
UAD UA 1176 Collection

UAD UA 1176 Collection

Universal Audio’s UA 1176 Collection is a great sounding emulation of the Classic and muc...

Slate Digital Virtual Bus Compressors VBC

Until recently, the nearest I’d gotten to nice studio compressors, was watching the engineer tweak them while I my band’s songs were being mixed. Now, thanks to Slate Digital, my own recordings, of my bands and othe...

Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone

My favorite microphone for electric guitar, hands down. I feel spoiled by having two cascade ribbon...

Blackstar HT Club 40 1×12″ 40 Watt Tube Combo

Bought this amp to add a versatile combo to the studio. Starting with the clean channel, it has two voicings. One is a vintage style fender sound with good breakup controlled by the clean channel volume knob (there is a master ...
E-MU midi 1x1 Tab Midi Interface

E-MU Xmidi 1×1 Tab Midi Interface

E-MU’s Xmidi 1×1 is a plug-and-play USB MIDI interface that adds a MIDI input and output to your computer. I needed to get midi I/O into my macbook pro and was looking for a low profile solution. Couldn’t be ha...


This is my most beloved piece of gear. It’s so versatile and punchy yet warm just beautiful.  The UBK Fatso is the normal Fatso just with new and heavier compression presets. It works great on drums basses vocals guitars...

Charter oak SA538B

Ok so iv had this mic for a few years and I must say Im a fan.  It has a very “hifi” sound clean full bodied and open.  I wouldn’t say its the most coloured mic iv heard or the warmest but I love it for a cl...

Behringer X32 digital mixing console, in the trenches

I’m new to the site and happy to be the first to review a piece of Behringer gear.  After looking at the Best 50 and Worst 50, I thought sure I’d find something with the “B word” on it.  Well this review is about Behr...
UAD ampex_hero_sq

UAD Ampex ATR-102 Plugin

I think Universal Audio must have had wizards working on this one, because this plugin is s...


The KMI QuNeo midi controller is a great addition to producers and to live performance artist that use midi controller,it responds well to touch,real easy to map and offers a decent amount of functions (Modes) of use for all st...

Universal Audio UAD Pultec EQP-1A Plugin

Though this plugin comes free with any UAD card (pro version costs extra and gives you midrange controls) don’t let that fool you – this is still one serious EQ plugin that I use on almost every mix!    First off, a Pulte...


AEA (Audio Engineering Associates) came out with their ribbon pre a few years back, and after that successful lauch, they ported their high gain unit to the
UAD Teletronics LA-2A Collection

Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A Classic Level Collection

Universal Audio’s Teletronix LA-2A Classic Level Collection, in my opinion, is the defini...

Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor

The Slate Digital Virtual Mastering Processor makes my mixes sound massive. In a world where the “loudness wars” still wage battle, this is the laser cannon I need to defend my territory. It’s just utterly fan...

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX – Groove VI for the ages

As you may have gathered from my other reviews I’m a bit of a Spectrasonics fan boy – and with good reason! Not only does Spectrasonics make FANTASTIC products, but they are constantly adding new functionality to their exis...
Novation Remote SLmk2-61

Novation 61 SL Mk II MIDI Keyboard Controller

I’ve tried many, MANY midi controllers over the years, and I’m confident to say that the Novation 61 Sl MK II Midi Keyboard Controller is simply the best one I’ve used bar none. It simply has the best semi-weighted synth ...
Planet Waves Capo

Planet Waves NS Capo

Its a Capo, inexpensive, and it does the job very well. JT3Jon OUT! (throws mic down and walks off stage)      Ok, I’ll get into some detail. I must admit I dont use a Capo that much (which is why I went with an inexpe...

Klein und Hummel O300

These are great 3 way monitors that are not being build anymore. Anyways you can get them used or try the new Neumann version. To me 3 way monitors are more revealing and the O300 are very detailed and real sounding. The transl...

Universal Audio LA610MKII Channel Strip

As a film score composer who dabbles in Prog/Symph rock, most of my music is created “in the box” with choice instrumentalists adding overdubs on top of existing material. Though I don’t record often, when I do I need it ...

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

At this price point, in my opinion there are not a lot of headphone that can touch the sound quality and performance of the Audio-Technica ATH-M5s. I’ve had these headphone for over 5 years now, and they not only sound great,...

Moog Minitaur

I was lucky to get my hands on a Moog Minitaur analog Bass synthesizer form the

Yamaha WX5 Midi Wind Controller: Giving Woodwind Players Access to Infinite Creative Possibilities!

Looking for a way to take those saxophone skills and use them in the digital music scene? Maybe you want to compose music for your school band? Or maybe you want to play some wailing guitar leads in a rock band using those high...

Shure SM57

If you’re involved in any kind of studio recording or live performance, you’ve either seen, used, or already own at least one of these mics.  This classic cardioid mic is legendary in its ability to handle just abo...

UAD RS-1 Reflection Engine

Looking to give a source space, but not have it “washy.” The Universal Audio’s RS-1 R...

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