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MXL 600

“Every microphone has a purpose.  That purpose might be a hammer or a doorstop, but every mic has a purpose” – Wise Engineer Unknown I usually don’t buy gear that I haven’t tried out first, and I ...

Eventide H3000 Factory

When I found out that Eventide was releasing the H3000 as a plugin, I though, “AWESOME! I can finally a...
UAD dreamverb_sq

UAD Dreamverb

Back in the early 2000′s when I was a student and was trying to score student films with a full virtual orchestra on my single G5, the UAD Dreamverb as a godsend. Not necessarily for the sound, but for the fact I could offloa...

M-Audio Keystation 61es

Owning a Novation Zero SL midi surface controller, I was in the market for a “no bells or whistles” midi controller and the M-Audio Keystation 61es seemed PERFECT! That was until I played it with my sequencer and realized t...

M-Audio Oxygen 61

The M-Audio Oxygen 61 has to be the single worse midi keyboard controller I have ever played – BAR NONE! First off, it feels like a toy. Absolutely NO weight to the keys, and the poor plastic combined with an insanely springy...
Boss Dr. Beat DB-30

Boss Dr. Beat DB-30

I purchased the Boss Dr. Beat DB-30 metronome about 8 years ago when I needed it for college conducting class, and I actually still use it in my studio today. It sits right on my desk, easily accessible for its quick and easy t...
Boss TU-12H High-Range Chromatic Tuner

Boss TU-12H High-Range Chromatic Tuner

I’ve owned the Boss TU-12H chromatic tuner since high school (well over 10 years) and its still going strong! Though it looks like this item has been replaced by the Boss TU-12EX chromatic tuner, I still find mine gets si...

Phoenix Audio NICE DI Class A Stereo DI

The Nice DI is a class A stereo direct box. The idea is basically the DI stage of Phoenix preamps which are a Neve style pre. The box is great for DI use. It sounds amazing especially direct bass guitar, and with the front moun...

Sennheiser MD 421 II

All you ever hear about this mic is toms this toms that. Well who wants to spend $380 on a mic just for toms.  I will base my review on the fact that this mic is expensive for a dynamic mic. Yes it is good on toms, yes it is g...

Earthworks 1022 dual channel preamp

New Hampshire-based Earthworks is a mic firm renowned for their uber-clean and truthful mics. Yes, theones with the little tapering physiques and itty bitty capsules that look a heck of a lot like measurement microphones. If...

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1

A simple device. Simple idea. Add 25 db of clean gain to microphones before they hit the preamp. If you own a ribbon mic, shure sm7b or similar low gain microphones a cloudlifter is a must have. It doesnt add a sound or a color...

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Closed-back Circumaural Headphones

I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t like these headphones. These are the most midrangey things I have ever put on my head. Since I got them they have been demoted down to tracking headphones only if the others are taken...

Telefunken AR-51 Condenser Microphone

Pretty darn good “polished” or premixed sound. My vocals tend to need less eq when tracked through this mic. One word of caution, if your source is siblant or nasal, this mic may not be your first choice. It is a microphone...
Roland EV5

Roland EV-5 expression pedal

Need some more expression in your life? You COULD take up interpretive dance as a form of physical expression. Or sit down with John Coltrane’s last studio album “Expression” – not to be confused with Chick Corea’s ...

Native Instruments Massive

I had a few sessions booked for some dubstep and EDM type stuff, so I started looking at what folks were using in those genres and one name kept coming up.  Massive.  At first I thought they were just describing the sound, li...

AVID 16 Analog I/O

AVID‘s latest offering in their HD line of converters.  To my ears, a significant upgrade in conversion qualit...

Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor

This compressor has been on the market for over a dozen years easily.  A VERY inexpensive 2 channel (stereo linked if desired, or dual mono).  Probably one of the best selling compressors of all time (when looked at number of...


Universal Audio first released the UAD platform over 10 years ago.  There have been a few ...

UAD Little Labs VOG (Voice of God)

Proximity Effect as a creative tool          So what is this infamous Voice Of God module everyone is talking about? Essentially, The VOG (Voice Of God) module for

Presonus ACP 88

8 channels of decent compression in a 2u shallow chassis.  Awesome.  The unit has some great feature for its small size and actually sounds quite good even though its ultra compact.  Each channel consists of a fully adjustab...

Auralex Monitor Isolation Pads (MoPAD)

These get the job done at over half of the expensive ones. I have had these for a while and do not notice any sympathetic vibrations on my desk. That is after all the only thing they are supposed to do.  They come with wedges ...

DBX 160 VU

One of the most popular VCA compressors to date. God I love me some VU on vocals and bass. This was the first compressor that I ever learned to use on vocals and actually liked the results. What I noticed was that meters are ve...

Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel

What an awesome plug in! Basically what you get are two plug ins in one (and you can separate them). You get an emulation of the Summit Audio EQF-100 EQ and the TLA-100 Compressor. You also get as part of the strip a section wh...

Redco 96pt TT Patchbay with 25 pin D-sub connectors on rear

Redco is a great company with great products. If you are not already getting all of your cables from them you are messing up. Patchbays are not fun to buy. They dont do anything fun like eq’s or compressors and they can c...
Presonus FSP

Presonus Firestudio Project

When looking into interfaces for my home studio, I auditioned several different manufacturers. After many hours of reading reviews, video overviews, and a lot of hands on, I decided on the Presonus Firestudio Project.  Being t...
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.58.19 AM

Universal Audio UAD-2 Fatso Plugin

Finally an Empirical Labs plugin that lives up to it’s analog counterpart        I am a bi...

XLN Audio Addictive Drums Virtual Instrument plug in

If you are looking for a virtual drum program on a budget, this one is it! Considering the cost compared to other drum programs like BFD and Superior drummer this on is right up there.  For the purpose of this review I will co...
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 1.13.39 PM

McDSP Compressor Bank CB4

All the best compressors ever made at the touch of a button       McDSP has been modeling analog sound/gear ...

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Circumaural Studio Headphones

Great headphones.  The main reason I purchased these headphones was comfort. My main headphones before these were ATH-M50’s (great headphones) but after a while of tracking or checking mixes my ears started to hurt. I wa...
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.15.45 PM

McDSP Filterbank

The most flexible, best sounding pack of EQs I ever had my hands on       McDSP is one of my favorite audio ...

Sansamp Bass Driver DI

As a bass player, I was never one for distortion for live or recording and passed this little gem up quite a few times.  Older and wiser, and more studio savvy, I’ve found this little guy to be a great secret weapon for ...

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 2 Channel Mic Preamp

Clean, Classy, Modern. RND 5012 is an awesome 2 channel pre from the brain of THE guy in pro audio design. This pre is much more modern sounding than vintage Neve and Neve clones. Because of the sale of Neve to AMS, Rupert cann...

Telefunken M80 Dynamic Mic

It’s says Telefunken on it. Sold. No seriously yes it is pricey for a handheld dynamic compared to an sm58. But I wouldnt compare it to a 58. The M80 is a fantastic mic that can be well used on a variety of sources. It ev...
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.58.07 PM

Sonnox EQ

The transparent EQ of your dreams         I’m a big fan of Analog saturation in the box. I like to add saturation here and there to get a more pleasant sound and to give things more character. Although, sometimes you ...

Great river ME-1NV

Solid state preamp from Great River.  I have been using this on my vocals for the past couple of years.  The best way for me to describe this is its a very clean mic pre.  I love when you crank up the input it has a very ope...

Purple Audio Action – 500 Series FET Compressor

This is a great 1176 style FET compressor in a 500 series size. Not much to say other than if you are ...

Brainworx Digital V2

I was looking for a M-S EQ unit for a session a couple of years back and stumbled across this plugin while parousing the UAD plugin store.  After watching the video I quickly realized that not only was this a REALLY powerful p...
MXL V 177 #2

MXL v177 Large Diaphram Condensor

Beautifully packaged in Gold with classic style LDC. This unit comes in a very nice wood box. IT is a conversation starter as it looks like you won an award for something to do with recording. Performance is good. Clear top end...

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

What a box! You get a UA610 Preamplifer with an 1176 compressor. Keep in mind you are getting a full 1176 not a “lite” version. It is no different then the regular single channel rack version unlike the LA 610 which...

Waves Eddie Kramer Master Tape (Native)

Is it a cool tape plug in? Yes. Is it the end all closest thing to a real tape machine plug in? No. But dont let that stop you you because this one can get some cool effects the others can’t. Basically I go to this plug i...


A modern reproduction of a studio classic.  Up until a few years ago, the only way to get a new 1176 was to have a clone built for you by an electronics savvy tech.  With many “clones” on the market (both private ...

Radial JDI Direct box

This is radial’s Jensen transformer equipped direct box. First of all if you have ever owned any radial products, the old tank description really works. These guys build such great quality stuff. IF you can shell out the ...

KRK VXT-8 Active Studio Monitors

These are great Mid level studio monitors. Here are the stats 8″ woofer/ 1″ tweeter. 120W LF, 60W HF, Frequency response: 40Hz-22kHz (+/-1.5dB). The rest of the stats can be had anywhere on the net so on with the ...

Shure Beta 91A

I’ll keep the review short and simple. This is a kick drum mic. You may have a use for somewhere else but I bought it as a kick mic. Stick it inside the bass drum on top of the pillow and you get the slap of the beater. Its e...

Keith McMillen Softstep MIDI Foot Controller

Looking for the ultimate foot controller? Look no further than the Keith McMillen Softstep. Coming in at just 1.3 pounds and standing less than 1″ at its tallest point this USB powered foot controller is extremely portable an...

Telefunken M80

Really couldn’t believe how well this captures vocals. Clearly not the level of detail that you would expect out of an LDC, but, given the right application, this mic, like the Shure SM7b might be THE ticket. This mic is ...

Audix D2

Have you ever found a microphone that did the EQ job for you?  I have, and this is it for toms.  The Audix D2 is a tiny little dynamic mic that was built with percussion in mind.  Build like a tank, the body and grille can t...


This is an interesting new brand directly from the beautiful Tuscany. The mic body has been manufactured in some far-East place probably, but the sound really impressed me. The circuitry is designed with good quality components...

Burl Audio B1D 500 series preamp

These are the Burl Audio versions with the iron output transformer. I believe the D stands for dark but dont quote me...
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.52.47 PM

Maag EQ

Maag EQ – Just what the doctor ordered        The Maag EQ plugin is a great value. It is my go to EQ when something needs some sparkle/air. Based off of Cliff Maag’s EQ4

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