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Vintage AV1H LP Style Guitar

A few years ago I bought this guitar. It’s Vintage AV1 – a Les Paul copy but with only 3 knobs. It has a single volume and a single tone knob. The third knob turns the pickups from humbuckers to single coils … but in ...

Big Boys Studios

April 22, 2014

Roland GR55 Guitar Synth

My GR55 goes to every guitar gig with me now. It does all of the multi-FX, modelling and synth stuff I could ever want. It’s there doing subtle strings in the background, screaming organ in the foreground, looping a cello...

Big Boys Studios

April 22, 2014

Xotic Effects SP Compressor

Xotic Effects SP Compressor is an extremely usable 2 knob compressor that looks great.  Let’s face it, guitarists want pedals that look cool, and this one meets that demand.  The black and white configuration with glass...


October 31, 2013

Paul Reed Smth SE 245 Electric Guitar

PRS SE 245
When it came time to buy my first guitar, I always wanted a Gibson Les Paul as I frankly just LOVE the sound of Gibson Les Paul. Unfortunately it was out of my price range, and couldn’t justify the cost at the time. This lead...


August 25, 2013

Traynor Ironhorse DH40H 40 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Traynor is not one of the more popular and well known names in amps but they make extremely well crafted stuff in Canada. Ill admit I wanted this amp on looks alone. But after getting it it is one of my go to amps in the studio...


June 18, 2013

TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal

TC is making great pedals right now. The build and sound quality are excellent and the price is reasonable. Considering the price this delay pedal is incredible. It is a digital delay that models various analog, digital and tap...


May 30, 2013

Egnater Tweaker w/ 1×12 ext cab

Finding a single good studio amp can be a real adventure.  You want something that sounds amazing, but something that can be versatile as well so that you don’t need to keep 4 or 5 (or more) amps laying around.  Some ha...


May 24, 2013

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