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Neve 2254A Compressor

I absolutely love this compressor although I find it harder and harder to justify keeping given its value and rarity. It sounds like, for lack of a better term, hot cocoa. It warms, sweetens and brings my mix to life when put o...

Josh Lewis

June 16, 2014

Empirical Labs Distressor

I fell in love with this tool the first time that I used it. I have not quite gotten to the point where I am comfortable calling it the Swiss Army knife of the compressors, BUT my distressor does get a lot of use!

Josh Lewis

January 20, 2014

API 560b EQ

I really like this eq for making deep cuts in low mids and boosting high end air very quickly. I use this often on strings

Josh Lewis

January 5, 2014

Tonelux EQ5P 500 series Eq

The Tonelux EQ5P is a 500’series format discrete parametric eq, it features 4 bands (LF, LMF, HMF, HF) with gain and frequency control, while the two bottom bands overlap the two top frequency bands are identical in frequ...

November 1, 2013


This is my most beloved piece of gear. It’s so versatile and punchy yet warm just beautiful.  The UBK Fatso is the normal Fatso just with new and heavier compression presets. It works great on drums basses vocals guitars...

LR Audio

October 30, 2013

Sansamp Bass Driver DI

As a bass player, I was never one for distortion for live or recording and passed this little gem up quite a few times.  Older and wiser, and more studio savvy, I’ve found this little guy to be a great secret weapon for ...


May 28, 2013

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

What a box! You get a UA610 Preamplifer with an 1176 compressor. Keep in mind you are getting a full 1176 not a “lite” version. It is no different then the regular single channel rack version unlike the LA 610 which...


May 24, 2013

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