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Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP

This is the Plugin version of the Kush Audio Hardware Clariphonic. The Concept of parallel Equalization works wonders in the High End without being harsh.     2 bands offer various slopes and Frequencies. I usually like to us...

LR Audio

October 30, 2013

UAD Pultec Pro

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.57.13 PM
Universal Audios original take on Pultecs are in a league of their own   Universal Audio has always on top of their game with their emulations, and their original Pultec Pro plugin is no exception. At first glance, the Pul...


October 25, 2013

UAD Neve 1081

The Classic Neve sound in your DAW          Neve is known for their legendary Preamp/EQ units and is considered some of the best quality equipment money can buy. Im speaking of course of his older modules he sold/built bac...


October 3, 2013

UAD Cambridge EQ

UAD cambridge_sq
In my opinion using the Cambridge as an actual EQ, at first I thought it was nothing special. In fact, I’ll sooner reach for my DAW’s EQ before Cambridge. This is mainly because though the Cambridge has a very nice ...


July 1, 2013

UAD Manley Massive Passive EQ

UAD Manley Massive Passive
Universal Audio’s Manley Massive Passive EQ is a great sounding emulation of a very nice, and expensive, piece of hardware. Its divided up into 4 parallel EQ bands, each with a fair amount of overlap in frequencies, and each ...


July 1, 2013

UAD Pultec Pro EQ Plug-In

UAD Pultec Pro
Universal Audio’s Pultec Pro is a combination of the Free Pultec EQP-1A (which I reviewed here: ) and an emulation of the old Pult...


July 1, 2013

Acustica Nebula 3 Pro

So in terms of pure sound, these plugins are impossible to beat. Much of the Alex B consoles stuff and eqs are without rival today (June 2013). They are complete and absolute DSP hogs, which is why there is a Server version ava...

Josh Lewis

June 12, 2013

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