Miami Pro Audio: Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Houses of Worship

Miami’s Leader in Commercial Sound Systems

Little Fish Audio is a company that is obsessed with sound. We make our expertise in mission critical recording environments available to businesses and homeowners in South Florida.


If you engage people at your place of business, make no mistake about it: music matters. Retail and commercial spaces benefit from the emotional connection that music engenders. Your retail space can be set up acoustically to help build your brand.


What does your business sound like?


The single most effective way of connecting customers to your brand is through sound.

We use time tested, scientifically sound methodologies to assure that our clients are getting clear, and accurate sound.

Our services include:

  • Acoustic Measurement
  • Acoustic Treatment Installation
  • Distributed Audio Systems for Restaurants, Clubs, and Gyms.
  • Sound systems for houses of worship

Little Fish Audio has over 20 years of professional experience in sound technology. We create mission critical listening environments, and shape sonic spaces that give your business an advantage when relating to customers. Our passion for sound was born out of the recording studio and home listening spaces. Working on major label albums, and training our ears while designing rooms forward thinking recording studios, has given us a clear advantage in our industry. We are confident in our ears!


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