Antelope Audio MP32 and Orion 32+ Bundle


Antelope Audio MP32 and Orion 32+ Bundle

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The Antelope Audio Orion32+ carries on an incredible tradition established by the original Orion32 just 3 years ago, when it become the dominate high channel count interface on the market and broke the barriers of what a USB Interface and a 1U rack could offer.åÊ Orion32+ now features Thunderbolt, with extremely low latency without defeating Power Management in the Mac OS, keeping fan noise low on a MacBook Pro under recording situations.åÊ There is also a new TRS 1/4″ Monitor Out, in addition to the 32 Outputs on D-Sub connections, making it easier than ever to connect a pair of studio monitors via a monitor volume controller, such as Antelope’s own Satori Monitor Controller. There is also a new software control panel, featuring FX such as Antelope’s recently introduced AuroVerb hardware quality reverb, that run on the internal DSP of the Orion32+.åÊ Orion32+ has improved dynamic range to live up the the ever changing needs of the modern recording studio that Antelope is helping to reinvent with it’s many new products in recent years.

Orion 32+ Features

  • Includes all features of Orion32
  • Improved dynamic range over Orion32
  • Stereo Monitor output (mastering grade)
  • On-board DSP Engine (includes new AuraVerb)
  • Thunderbolt & USB

Antelope MP32 32-Channel Mic Pre

Pushing the Antelope Audio‰Ûªs Zen Studio to the next level, the MP32 is a front-end recording device with 32-channel mic preamp that fits within two rack spaces. Each of the 32 Class A preamps have phantom power, and four channels can be utilized as Hi-Z instrument inputs.åÊ The MP32 has incredible headroom and an extremely open sound, which can create magnificent results when teamed with the up to 65 db of gain each channel can get.

Via the Mac and PC compatible control panel, MP32 users can control the mic gain levels, change input types and even recall presets. Thanks to an extremely quick set up experience, it‰Ûªs easy to get started with the MP32 and immediately start tweaking each of the 32 mic pres. Every aspect of control is literally a mouse click away with the MP32, whether it be changing gain structures or creating new preamp settings, and the system also features a remote control for added ease .

By combining the MP32 with Antelope Audio‰Ûªs Orion 32+, it‰Ûªs possible to create an amazing workstation for both studio and live spaces. The Orion 32‰Ûªs immaculate conversion abilities ensure that you get great transparency and complete integrity throughout the entire signal chain. Fitting perfectly together in your rig, the combination of both the MP32 and Orion 32+ will only take up three rack spaces.

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Additional information

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