Applied Acoustics System String Studio VS-2 String Modeling Synthesizer


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String Studio VS-2 is a string modeling synthesizer plug-in that swaps the traditional oscillator sound source for a string.

With its picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, dampers, and soundboards, it is a unique blend of acoustic modeling and regular synth-control features—you won’t believe how crazy you can go with a simple string.



We have streamlined String Studio and brought it to a whole new level—
it will change your perspective on strings.

  • NEW Factory library

    The completely renewed factory library has well over 600 production-ready sounds classified for fast and intuitive exploration.

  • NEW Sean Divine signature sounds

    A collection of 50 inspiring signature presets by producer Sean Divine.

  • NEW Compressor and equalizer

    These new additions are perfect to add punch and definition to your sound, letting you cut through any dense mix or stage.

  • NEW Limiter

    The new output limiter protects your ears and monitors during experimentation with the synth’s parameters while providing a maximum of distortion-free dynamics.

  • NEW Streamlined interface

    Redesigned from the ground up, the new interface now divides String Studio VS-2 into three panels: Play presents shortcuts to the performance and effect parameters including bypass switches for quick edits; Edit lets you tweak and create your sound; while FX supplies equalizer, compressor, multi-effect, and reverb processors for a final sheen.

  • NEW Bank and program manager

    String Studio VS-2’s new manager allows simple and efficient organization, backup, and sharing of your sounds.

  • NEAT Backward compatible with VS-1 presets

    Simply put your String Studio VS-1 exported presets in String Studio VS-2‘s bank folder to convert them.

  • UPDATED Overhauled effects

    Reinvigorated and polished, String Studio VS-2’s multi-effect processor features our best sounding chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, distortion, notch filter, wah-wah, auto-wah, and reverb to date!

  • NEW Microtonal tunings via Scala scale files

    String Studio VS-2 now supports the Scala scale file format for microtonal music making.

  • NEW Native 64-­bit AU, VST, and AAX plug­-ins

    String Studio VS-2 now runs in native 64-bit on Mac OS X and Windows making it compatible with the latest sequencers.


A string is a rich sound source at the heart of a multitude of musical instruments. It can be played with a pick or finger for plucked sounds, bowed and produce sustained sounds or hit for chord and percussive sounds.



With more than 720 presets spread into 11 categories, String Studio VS-2 packs everything you need to create all the parts of your productions.


  • A Dark Dawn Kit
  • Crystal Guitar
  • Clavtwerk
  • Flashback
  • Saws III
  • Squares III
  • 124 TOTAL…


  • Concerto Guitar
  • Flamenco Nylon
  • Damped Comping
  • Real Chord Comp
  • Guitar New Nylon
  • Guitar Old Nylon
  • 76 TOTAL…

Plucked – Electric

  • Electric Jazz Guitar
  • Hushed Electric
  • Electric Nylon
  • Electric Guitar Comp
  • Fast Lead
  • High School Vintage
  • 46 TOTAL…


  • Contrebasse 1–2
  • Double Bass 1–3
  • I’m a Bass Fan 1–2
  • Nylon Bass
  • A Bass 1–3
  • Mute Bass
  • 46 TOTAL…


  • Cello
  • Arco Cello
  • Baroque Cello
  • Cello FX
  • Chamber Combo
  • Quartet
  • 34 TOTAL…


  • Pop-Rock Clavinet
  • Clean E-Clav
  • Chrismas Clavinet
  • Clavinet Clean
  • Clavinet Grignoteur
  • Trippy Clav
  • 77 TOTAL…


  • Drain Lead
  • Double Uprise
  • Beast 1–2
  • Sitar Guitar
  • Ballad Cheese Keys
  • Chords Bright
  • 61 TOTAL…


  • Air Pad 1–2
  • Phased
  • This Will Come True
  • Rise & Sheen
  • Smooth Bouncing
  • Longing Harmonium
  • 32 TOTAL…


  • Ancient Twang
  • Zheng Like
  • Desert Queen
  • Arabian Nights
  • Auto Harp
  • Dobro Rez
  • 48 TOTAL…


  • Alien Talking Small
  • Alien Talking Big
  • Randomized Soft
  • Ambient Delay
  • Ambient Drops
  • Always Bouncing
  • 37 TOTAL…


  • Suspense Cue Keys
  • Tech Hol Down
  • Elastico Bassa
  • Drops of Inspiration
  • Super Interesting
  • Damper Mania 1–3
  • 58 TOTAL…

Signature –
Sean Divine

  • Beyond the Pines Arp
  • Take A Stand Arp
  • Slash-n-Grind Arp
  • Wave Racer Arp
  • Grand Case Arp
  • 50 TOTAL…

Signature –
Harm Visser

  • Harp Gliss
  • Guitar New Nylon
  • Guitar Old Nylon
  • Guitar Steel
  • Harp Soft and Warm
  • 25 TOTAL…

Signature – Martin Walker

  • Ethnic Gliss
  • Intimate Acoustic
  • Chorus 12 String
  • Quartet
  • Melancholy
  • 16 TOTAL…
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