Black Lion Audio BLA Auteur Twin MKII 2-Channel Preamp


BLACK LION AUDIO Auteur Twin-Channel Preamp

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Black Lion Audio Auteur dual channel Microphone preamp


There are lots of mic preamps available these days. What makes the Black Lion Audio Auteur so special? For one, it’s a design that’s somewhat unique in its approach. Being admirers of the fully balanced, transformerless circuits found in highly acclaimed recording consoles, we chose to use a similar topology. We began with a high speed input stage that picks up lots of detail and nuance, and then followed it with a high current output stage. We also like classic transformer-based designs because of the characteristic they lend to the audio signal. Because of this, we added a 600 ohm, M-6 silicon steel output transformer to give the audio a thick quality that’s reminiscent of a prized vintage preamp. It’s the best of both worlds in our opinion.


Product Description

The Auteur preamp is dual channel and features phase, +48VDC phantom power, and a 10dB output signal pad. It’s housed in a 1U, ½ rack space chassis, and can be linked together with a second Auteur to fill up a full rack space.


If you’re looking for the sort of performance normally associated with high-end designs, but need to acquire it at a modest price, the Auteur preamp will make a wise and affordable investment for your studio.



Features and Specs

Channels:  Two

Gain:  0-66dB

THD+Noise:  -110dB @ 1 kHz

Headroom:  27dB

Input impedance:  8k

Output impedance:  600 ohms

Input connection:  XLR

Output connection:  TRS

Power:  24VAC external supply


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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