EAR 823Q Pultec Type Equalizer Mid band


EAR 823Q Pultec Type Equalizer Mid band

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The 822 is a Pultec-type passive mono equaliser (with valve electronics providing unity-gain buffering) for general-purpose studio EQ duty. The 823 has different (more closely spaced) centre frequencies for its controls but follows similar principles.


  • Low boost & cut frequencies – 20, 30, 60, 100Hz; 0, +14, – 18dB variable
  • High boost frequencies – 3k, 5k, 7k, 10k, 12kHz; 0, +18dB variable
  • Maximum output level (1% distortion) – +25dBm
  • Input and output impedance – 600 ohm nominal, balanced and floating
  • High cut frequencies – 6k, 10k, 20kHz; shelf 0, – 18dB variable
  • Bypass switch – no level change, clickless
  • Operation – Passive equaliser with balanced valve output
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Additional information

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