EAR 825Q Stereo Equalizer


EAR 825Q Stereo Equalizer

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EAR 825Q 5 Band 2 Channel Equaliser

On every single channel you will find 5 bands of EQ. Shelf filters give boost or cut in the bass and treble. With four corner frequencies on every manage and variable degrees of increase or cut. In addition there are three tuned boost/cut filters with centre frequency adjustable more than a total variety of 60Hz to 16kHz. These give a highest enhance or cut of 12dB, enabling really huge response variation but without sacrificing sensitivity. Controls are laid out for greatest ease of use and may be bypassed in the flick of a switch for quick reference for the original signal.

Each of the equalising circuitry in the EAR825 is completely passive, with valve (tube) electronic stages providing buffering and amplification on the input and output. This valve circuitry follows designer Tim de Paravicini’s philosophy of low distortion, low noise, higher headroom and wide bandwidth and runs in single-ended mode with ultra-high-quality, in-house created, coupling transformers offering balanced and floating input and output connections at studio levels. A extremely filtered energy provide guarantees that operation just isn’t impaired by disturbances on the electrical power mains. As with all EAR specialist audio items, reliability is paramount and valve life is generally 10,000 hours. 


  • Weight: – 10kg
  • Size: – 19” x 51/4” (3U) x 10” depth
  • Defeat Switch – Power Switch Voltage AC
  • Controls 5 Band Stereo – 1, Bass Shelf @ 20, 30, 60, 100Hz +,- 12dB
  • Distortion = Less than 0.1% @+4dB (1.22V) – Midband, Less than 0.5% @ +24dB (12.2V)
  • Input Fully Floating Bridging – 20k ohms
  • Output Fully Floating for 600 ohms use Source – 60 ohms
  • Gain – 0dB
  • Frequency Response controls defeated 5Hz – 50kHz +,- 0.5dB
  • Power Consumption 50VA – 100 -250v (Factory Option)
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Additional information

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