Empirical Labs EL Trak Pak 1 EL9 Mike-E mic pre with 1 ELQ Lil FrEQ



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When the engineering group at Empirical Labs sets out to create a mic preamp, you can be sure it’ll deliver spectacular sound, be simple and easy to work, and will offer functions unlike any other device in its class. To that end, we proudly present Mike-E, a high performance transformer-coupled mic preamp with a noise floor far below any type of microphone’s self sound, incorporated with a one-of-a-kind compressor/saturator circuit that delivers traditional knee compression along with functional tonal ‘coloring’ that can easily reproduce many of the very best attributes of vintage analog recording equipment.

In today’s modern-day age of digital recorders, DAWs and software application plug-ins, Mike-E is the supreme solution for getting a clean and tough, yet cozy and musical signal into the box … and it couldn’t be simpler to work– its front panel format is so straight ahead that also inexperienced engineers will have no problem moving around on it immediately.

There are engineers who enjoy the flexibility of being able to EQ audio signals when they’re tracking.  For them, we offer the Trak Pak – a combination of our Mike-E and Lil FrEQ processors set up for seamless integration.  With a killer mic pre, famed ELI compression, tape saturation and eight individually defeatable EQ sections, we feel it’s simply the most powerful and flexible “channel strip” solution available.

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Additional information

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