FXpansion DCAM – Synth Squad RTAS, VST, AU


FXpansion DCAM – Synth Squad RTAS, VST, AU



FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad RTAS, VST, AU

Introducing an evolutionary leap in software synthesis technology.

DCAM: Synth Squad finally delivers the satisfaction of playing real
analogue instruments in software! Advanced modelling technology
carefully reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits within your
computer, for the unmatched vibe of hardware at a fraction of the cost.

the heart of DCAM: Synth Squad are 3 modelled synthesizers – Strobe,
Amber and Cypher – bulging with the immense weight and power of
old-school analogue. These are no mere emulations stunted by the
limitations of the past. Instead, they combine the best features from
legendary machines with new and exciting ideas to drag them kicking and
screaming into the modern world.

Oscillators ooze immense sound pressure, amp stages can be overloaded
for extra grit, and real-world chaos can be dialled into the circuit
for delicious instability. These synths don’t break with extreme
settings, so you can abuse them just like the real thing. Meanwhile,
the intuitive TransMod modulation system brings your sounds to life in
new and expressive ways.

Fusor, a versatile sound-design environment that can layer and keysplit
3 instances of the DCAM synths, is also included. It provides a variety
of ways to add new dimensions to your sounds with high-quality FX,
extra modulation and an advanced step-sequencer/arpeggiator.

of concept and execution. Meticulously engineered circuit models. Raw
musical tone. The ultimate in sound quality and performance control.DCAM: Synth Squad Technology

DCAM: Discrete Component Analogue Modelling
philosophy behind DCAM is to model a circuit based on each individual
component of the circuit and its structural context, rather than simply
treating a circuit as a ‘black box’ and analyzing its overall output.
The result is a genuinely realistic model of the circuit – its
non-linearities, structure and behaviour are preserved intact.

What this means to you is a set of modelled synthesizers with
unprecedented vibrancy and realism. You can abuse parameters just like
on a hardware analogue synth, and the model responds realistically.
Oscs sync convincingly, amp stages can be overloaded, performing FM on
an osc yields rich veins of otherworldly texture, not an ugly digital
mess. You don’t have to avoid certain settings any more because they
sound bad!

Do not expect perfect, symmetrical waveforms with DCAM: Synth Squad…
imperfect waveforms are the very essence of a real analogue VCO! Drive
stages exist at several points in the signal path for organic grit and
increased tonal variation. Meanwhile, complex non-linear filters
massage the raw slabs of sound pressure from the oscillators into an
infinite variety of timbres. The results are musically satisfying
sounds that inspire you to be creative!

The aim of DCAM: Synth Squad is to provide software synthezisers with real substance…
sound sources that sound right, so you aren’t forced to bury them in endless plugin chains to make them interesting.

The ‘Analogue’ control
Each synth has an ‘Analogue’ control, which dials in a variable amount of real-world instability into the circuit. The effects of noise and mains hum are simulated, leading to an edgier sound at lower amounts, to wilder instability at higher settings.

Oversampling options
All the DCAM: Synth Squad plugins feature individual oversampling
settings, both for realtime (normal use) and offline (non-realtime
mixdowns and ‘freeze’) operation. The default setting for realtime use
is 1x, allowing the highest polyphony on as many systems as possible.
For higher-spec CPUs, try 2x oversampling for an even more realistic
sound. Users with any CPU can use as high a value as required for
offline oversampling, resulting in exceptional sound quality.

TransMod and FuseMod modulation systems
Synth Squad introduces the TransMod system, offering a more intuitive
way of programming complex modulation than a traditional ‘mod matrix’.
A spectacular range of modulation is possible – the mod source menus
include active voice/unison-voice counts and versatile randomized
values in addition to more conventional sources like LFOs and
envelopes. You can even harness beating rates between oscillators as
LFOs in Cypher, or load entire presets as parameter modulation amounts
for patch-morphing effects.

Fusor extends the TransMod concept with the FuseMod system, making DCAM
synth modulators available to Fusor’s internal FX and LFOs, as well as
to the Animator step-sequencer/arpeggiator. Use synth envelopes and
LFOs to clock step-sequencers and modulate reverbs and granular
freezers, and play self-oscillating filters with keyboard sources.

In addition, the TransMod source menus for Fusor-hosted synths are
expanded with modulation sources from other synths and devices in
Fusor… so you can create a super-performance synth with 3
inter-modulating Strobe instances, or complex hybrid textures and
soundscapes with Strobe, Cypher and Amber. The creative possibilities
for sound design are limited only by your imagination!

Expressive performance control
of the supplied presets offer expressive timbral variation through the
use of modulation by keyboard velocity and two performance controllers
(which you can map to aftertouch, mod-wheel, breath and other MIDI
CCs). Our team of sound designers have strived to create dynamic
presets full of energy and movement. If you’ve grown accustomed to
flat, boring VA synth sounds, prepare to be inspired by the
possibilities that DCAM: Synth Squad presents.

The DCAM synths introduce a new type of glide alongside traditional
pitch glide. Velocity glide smooths transitions to new notes’ velocity
modulation depths, creating rich expressive possibilities. Glide times
can also be modulated – if you modulate them with voice/unison-voice
counts, different glide times are possible for each voice. Independent
settings for legato glides and envelope retriggering complete a set of
features that allow incredibly flexible and varied playing responses.

DCAM: Synth Squad also includes a standardized MIDI learn system, and
full support for host automation. There is even an integrated program
change list, so you can assign presets to MIDI program changes for live

MIDI-controlled audio effects
As well as being supplied as instrument plugins, Strobe, Cypher and
Amber are also supplied as MIDI-controlled audio effect plugins,
meaning that you can process external audio through them! You can use
unison stacking and modulation functions with the audio and use normal
oscillator shapes alongside to create complex textural hybrids. In
Cypher, you can even use the external audio as an audio-rate modulation
source for the oscillators. The amp sections must be gated by keyboard
input, meaning you can play the effect plugins rhythmically and engage
their envelopes and other modulators.

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