Lavry Engineering 2 Channel AD Module Converter


Lavry Engineering 2 ch AD module

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The LavryBlue 4496 is a system that could be ordered in numerous A/D and D/A setups ranging from 2 to 8 networks (around 4 stereo components) in each 1U 19 inch rack mountable framework. With space for 2 even more modules, the 4496-12 promotions room for development. Most components can be added by the customer to a presenting 4496 (with room) for included capability as needs transform. Other optional setups consist of dual channel professional mic preamps. MicPre’s are “double width” for 2 networks plus sale or 4 networks MicPre in each chassis.
  • 2 channels of sonically transparent Lavry D-to-A conversion
  • CrystalLock™ mode option eliminates the effects of source jitter on conversion accuracy.
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Additional information

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