Little Labs STD – Signal Transmission Device


Little Labs STD – Signal Transmission Device

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The STD permits you to make use of long mic cable televisions or mic connection lines to extend your guitar or any kind of instrument cable television without the loss of tone as well as rise of noise linked with lengthy instrument cable runs. It likewise has two outcomes for splitting in between 2 amps or between an amp and a direct injection box, with a selectable ground lift on one output to get rid of ground loop complications. The STD is a perfect option for: the live participant that is exhausted of the tone drawing wi-fi rigs however still should have the ability to stroll more than 10 feet from his amp; the studio player who requires his amp in isolation, yet himself in close proximity to his band mates; the audio engineer using control area rack positioned direct injection boxes with a player situated in the studio or seclusion cubicle.

The STD Features:

  • Extends instrument cables using mic cables and/or tie lines
  • Single transistor buffer technology
  • Reduces cable noise susceptibility while preserving tone
  • Sonics of a 10ft. “Boutique guitar cable” in a 80ft. run
  • Dual outputs for feeding two amps or an amp and a Direct box
Additional information

Additional information

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