Millennia Media TCL-2 The TWINCOM two channel Class


Millennia Media TCL-2 The TWINCOM two channel Class

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Control Dynamics With Total Signal Integrity

  • Two paths to perfection with Twin Topology™
  • Stereo optical compressor/limiter with unprecedented sonic purity & integrity
  • All triode 300 V vacuum tube signal path or…
  • All discrete J-FET solid state signal path
  • Both topologies are entirely transformerless, high voltage, pure Class A
  • Minimalist design: only one active stage in the audio path
  • Threshold: Infinity to + 20 dBu
  • Ratio: 1.4 : 1 to 30 : 1
  • Attack: 2 to 100 ms
  • Release: 100 ms to 3 s
  • Large meters: switchable for VU or Gain Reduction
  • Constructed for demanding professional applications
  • Ultra-Premium components throughout
  • Gold relays, connectors, switches, tube sockets
  • Silver Teflon power wiring
  • Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring



  • Musically rich vintage vacuum tubes
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Additional information

Weight 26 lbs


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