Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16mk2 Summing Device


Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16mk2 Summing Device

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The Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 was actually developed because of the requirement from customers for something that would definitely “sweeten” the outcome from pro-tools and additional DAW, and to make the final mix simpler to circulate and take care of.

The Nicerizer 16 is designed to take the outcome out of the electronic world, and to add the Course A features and feel before the last audio. The “Nicerizer 16” utilizes Phoenix Audio’s well proven and appreciated Class An outcome period, but also has their most current development in transformerless Program A, Discrete Line Input Innovation.

The Nicerizer 16 is a 2U 19″ shelf mountable 16 – 2 Summing Mixer, that can be piled and connected in any type of a number of and several configurations to offer high quality, line-level, Lesson A, discrete buffering, summing and blending.

Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII 16-Channel Summing Mixer Specifications

  • 16 channels of Phoenix Audio’s Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input stage
  • Phoenix Audio’s proven and loved Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2)
  • Individual pan control for each channel (16 x Pan pots)
  • 16 x Balanced Input XLR’s. Can accept balanced or unbalanced input with no -6dB loss
  • 2 x mix busses (Stereo Mix Bus)
  • 1/4″ TRS Inserts on Busses (L + R Bus Insert points)
  • +8dB Boost button on each channel
  • Master mix bus output level control
  • Stereo LED level monitoring
  • Switchable for each channel and Main Output
  • Stereo/mono Headphone monitoring switchable to each channel and Main Output, includes headphone monitoring of the mix bus. (L, R, and Stereo)
  • Main Outputs on Balanced XLR’s
  • Monitor Outputs on 1/4″ TRS Jacks
  • Class A Stereo Width control with Loss-less Bass. Pannable from mono through to +25% Wider + Width control Bypass switch.
  • Maximum Output Level of +26dB.
  • Huge headroom available on all channels
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Additional information

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