Prism Maselec MLA-2 – Mastering Compressor/Limiter


Prism Maselec MLA-2 mastering compressor limiter

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The MLA-2 is a stereo or 2-channel converter with stepped drive (input gain), ratio, attack and release time as well as outcome gain controls. For ideal clearness as well as flexibility from sound the MLA-2 employs a non-VCA layout.

Leading audio and also understanding engineers still use some analog signal handling equipment, finding the familiar connection in between solid and also manage far better to deal with. Nevertheless, most analog converters have either regularly adjustable controls, making precise adjustments difficult, or merely a couple of coarsely-stepped controls. Lots of fail to meet the requirements of audio functionality consistent with digital media. The MLA-2 supplies fully-stepped controls for precision and also repeatability for ALL criteria.

The MLA-2 is extensively utilized in grasping however even operates well on an insertion point in audio or combining. The MLA-2 has a rear-mounted assortment control switch over that adjusts the threshold assortment to suit either grasping or recording/mixing applications.

The MLA-2 is a compressor that can provide effective dynamic control with low side-effects – it is produced to offer an extremely straightforward signal course.

Lineage and style viewpoint for the Maselec Professional Set
The next to show up in the range of Maselec Master Collection products, the MLA-2 was created for Prism Sound by engineer/producer Leif Mases. Leif’s work with a varied selection of performers including Abba, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Black Sabbath along with co-ownership of the renowned Marcus Studios in London offered the necessary experience utilizing the “devices of the trade” had to define and implement brand-new and better professional audio elements.

Likewise certified in electronic design, Leif Mases established the extremely acclaimed Maselec 9001 retrofit equalizer for SSL 4000 combining units used in movie noise and recording studios and presently likewise constructs customized systems and also devices for understanding and also various other applications.

The combination of Leif Mases’ experience with the creative process and Prism Noise’s focus on engineering and also technical brilliance guarantee that the Maselec Professional Collection delivers great-sounding audio in an instinctive and also easy-to-use deal.

Check out the MLA-2 technical specs webpage for in-depth technical data or finish our quick query kind to ask a concern pertaining to the MLA-2.

To ask for a demonstration or to order an MLA-2, please total our demo/quotation request form.

Using the MLA-2
The MLA-2 is an extremely unique Compressor that has actually been created to give efficient but refined compression. It utilizes the concept of a corrected limit, with modifiable drive (or input gain). This produces additional instinctive task compared to a changeable threshold – turn the drive control clockwise and increase the compression depth.

The progression into the compression area is gradual and changes as the proportion is increased. Marginal output gain make-up modification is required as the limit is slightly customized wiping out various proportion environments. This produces a constant gain point with pertaining to 2-3dB of compression around the ratio assortment.
Control of release time is consistently a problem as well as special attention has been lavished on this function. The MLA-2 intelligently adjusts its launch time based on the front panel setting for the most musical outcome. In addition, a customized secrete decay has been utilized instead of the traditional exponential curve.

The MLA-2 IMAGELINK system supplies a stereo side-chain link that enables the gain of the two channels to track so preventing the danger of stereo image shifting when only one network is regulated. Nevertheless, transients that are put to the extreme right or left can cause a somewhat un-natural ducking of the various other network, so the stereo hyperlink is managed to avoid this.

The MLA-2 accomplishes outstanding results with speech and also additional strongly dynamic sources, and also tools such as cello, saxophone or drums. It has a distinctive character, discernable both sonically as well as in the unique form of its modern compression curves. It offers the heat, punch or air you require with a minimum of effort as well as without jeopardizing the signal course. There’s no effortless method to describe it though, so call us now to organize a demo. Great sounding compression is right behind the controls!

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