Prism Maselec MMA-4XR – 4-Channel Mic Preamp


Prism Maselec MMA-4XR 4 channel microphone pre-amplifier

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The MMA-4XR is an audiophile microphone pre-amplifier giving the greatest criteria of functionality. Layout objectives consisted of constantly excellent noise over the whole assortment of gain configurations, a higher degree of clearness and also ultra-low noise as well as distortion.

The MMA-4XR is created for the discriminating professional recording designer. The mic pre-amplifier is an important component in the recording chain, as it ought to take a low-level signal from any of a wide variety of transducers and amplify it so that it can be transmitted to an audio or distribution system without loss of information or intro of sound. To fulfill today’s demands for top quality, especially steered by innovative digital media such as CD, DVD, SACD/DSD positions massive needs on the preamplifier electronics. The MMA-4XR has been designed to satisfy these obstacles.

The MMA-4XR is a pre-amplifier that may deliver precise gain adjustment with low noise – it is created to deliver an extremely straightforward signal pathway where the original signal from the mic is flawlessly kept, whether it is a traditional tube or modern-day design.

Lineage and design philosophy for the Maselec Master Series
The most current addition in the selection of Maselec Master Series products, the MMA-4XR was established for Prism Sound by engineer/producer Leif Mases. Leif’s work with an unique variety of groups including Abba, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Black Sabbath along with co-ownership of the distinguished Marcus Studios in London delivered the crucial experience making use of the “tools of the occupation” should define and also carry out new and also better qualified audio parts.

Likewise qualified in digital layout, Leif Mases developed the strongly well-known Maselec 9001 retrofit equalizer for SSL 4000 blending units utilized in movie noise as well as recording studios as well as presently also develops custom systems and also equipment for understanding and also various other applications.

The combination of Leif Mases’ encounter with the creative procedure and Prism Sound’s focus on technological innovation and technological superiority guarantee that the Maselec Professional Set supplies great-sounding audio in an user-friendly and also easy-to-use package.

Using the MMA-4XR
The MMA-4XR is a minimalist mic preamplifier that has actually been designed to provide integrity as well as transparency. Constant with this, each channel has only controls for gain (69dB in 3dB steps), phase invert, cut (mute) and also 48V phantom power. The Phantom power circuit delivers a higher-than typical degree of current output – typically a complication with substandard styles which can easily result in endangered microphone efficiency. An LED bargraph plainly shows signal level with traditional green, yellow and also red coloring for highest levels. Output headroom reaches +28 dBu. The MMA-4XR frequency feedback extends to more than 200kHz – well past the fundamental 20kHz sound band.

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