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A pair of Over Killers

Overkiller barrel limiter

An Over-Killer can be a soft-clipping limiter barrel to allow you to get much more level in your digital copy by limiting the degree of a balanced analogue signal to +18dBu.

The OVER-KILLER, with its exclusive super soft clip circuit, stays soft even when huge overloads are present and does not grow to be tough like less sophisticated systems.

The clip level is cautiously set so that peak modulation is extremely close for the nominal maximum level. Numerous comparable units lop off up to 1.25dB when switched into a circuit. Together with the flexibility of getting the OVER-KILLER as an external unit, A/D input sensitivity can be separately trimmed to push even closer to peak code.

OVER-KILLERs are supplied as a set of two XLR barrels suitable for use with balanced stereo analogue signals.

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