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An one-of-a-kind seeming, three amp, separate mic preamp module created to work in basic “500” shelfs.The smooth Gain control helps you dial in the sound you wish.

If the output degree is too high (the Class A/B output opamp may pump out up to +27 dBu), you may use the degree down with the separate Degree control. Pressing the “Double” change splits the gain between two of our Classroom A opamps, allowing up to 75 dBu of tidy gain, making the Biz a best match for bow mics.With various

Gain, Level, as well as Dual settings the Biz can easily make an unlimited range of tonal variants with the exact same amount of outcome level. The front panel DI aids you record tools and line level sources with unequaled quality and also blow. Two LEDs clearly show signal level for the gain and also outcome phases at a look, turning green to show signal existing, yellow for 10dB listed here clipping, as well as red for clipping. The Biz makes use of twoKDJ3 opamps and also one KDJ4 opamp.

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs


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