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A ten-band inductor-based visual EQ. Created to work in standard “500” shelfs.

A brand-new take on the console visuals, with ten easy to use bands. Each band makes use of a high quality inductor and very carefully chosen caps to specify the center frequency. At complete increase and full cut the bands are narrow enough to still serve independently, but at reduced configurations the bands expand out for additional gentle shaping. Even at complete increase as well as cut, the filters are shaped to be musical and useful.

An illuminated pushbutton for relay true avoid (green) permits very easy contrast with raw source material. A Tricolor LED meters the signal. The frequency feedback is + / – 0.25 dB from 15Hz to 25kHz, and also -3 dB at 60kHz.

With specialized input as well as outcome transformers, the TAV has a lot of headroom, also at complete boost. The entire circuit is separate, with no electrolytic capacitors in the signal course, and also no servo amps. With only two energetic phases, the current draw is reasonable enough to work in any kind of shelf, as well as leave plenty of extract for additional components. The Tav uses one KDJ3 opamp and one KDJ4 opamp.

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Additional information

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