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JS2/JS3 Passive Microphone Splitter

Part no. R800 1022 ~ JS2 single isolated output
Part no. R800 1023 ~ JS3 dual isolated outputs

  • Jensen transformer-equipped for optimal signal transfer
  • Choice of 2-way or 3-way designs for extra flexibility
  • Compact design , up to 8 may be rack mounted in J-Rak
  • Ultra rugged 14-gauge steel construction for added durability

The Passeq is a vintage layout with static coil filters and also perfectly satisfies the highest assumptions in all regions of audio handling, from recording and also mixing to understanding and playback.

The remarkable noise high qualities and also musical features of static filters essentially satisfy increasing needs in creating manifold noise colours filled with character. In the HiFi domain, the Passeq is the high-end EQ beyond doubt– an ideal resource to solve room acoustical problems by the turn of a knurl or improve the noise of old, or mediocre, sources.

 With 72 static filters every channel (36 x Improve, 36 x Cut), the Passeq exceeds all previous styles of this type by a wide margin. Each network is divided in to three Cut and also 3 Increase bands, each offering 12 switchable regularity arrays. The Cut and Improvement ranges are not exact same; crossovers are made to deal with like a precise mechanic cogwheel so about permit the engineer access to the largest possible amount of superior, wide-band S-curves with variable inclines.

 A further amazing Passeq feature is its specific sonic adjustment of each inductive filter through different coil/condenser/resistor mixes: In stark contrast to earlier filter style and also development, each Passeq filter is enhanced for the frequency designated.

To cover the greatest feasible signal heat, exuberance and also musicality in handling, coils for important voice regularities are custom-made for the Passeq.

This obtains the widest possible range and also tonally attractive noise shade scheme from any kind of static EQ.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs


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