Sonnox Oxford EQ Native RTAS, AU, VST


Sonnox Oxford EQ Native RTAS, AU, VST

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The renowned Oxford EQ is based on the initial EQ part of the Sony OXF-R3 large style digital combining console. It is a 5-band EQ with selectable shelf environments on LF as well as HF areas. Additionally, independent changeable slope inexpensive pass and also higher pass filters are delivered. The Oxford EQ likewise includes 4 various EQ curves that deal with a broad range of styles, consisting of some heritage designs which are renowned for their creative capability. The use of novel coefficient generation as well as brilliant handling layout provides unrivaled efficiency that exceeds analog EQ in both solid high quality and artistic freedom. The Oxford EQ really is four equalisers in one plug-in and also will provide all the EQ you’ll previously require!



  • Fully 64-bit compliant
  • 5 band fully parametric EQ
  • Variable HF & LF filters up to 36dB/Octave
  • Algorithm taken directly from the Sony OXF-R3
  • Four different EQ types in one plug-in
  • Fully de-cramped HF response
  • A / B switches (automatable)
  • Ultra low noise and distortion
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