Sonnox Oxford Reverb Native RTAS, AU, VST


Sonnox Oxford Reverb Native RTAS, AU, VST

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The Oxford Reverb plug-in is a highly manageable stereo reverberation generator, produced to match presenting Sonnox Oxford applications in offering the user with the greatest technical as well as sonic performance coupled with imaginative and imaginative center. In addition to giving magnificent presets, the individual has complete control over all of its several parameters, consisting of an incredibly thorough very early representations area, as well as combined 5-band EQ. The Sonnox Oxford Reverb allows the highly effective establishment to make virtual rooms freely, depending on artistic demand, ranging from dry reflection ambiences, space and venue simulations, stable effects, all the way to wide open reverberant areas with a very large array of feasible texture and spatial character.



  • Fully 64-bit compliant
  • Extremely flexible stereo modelling reverb
  • Full control over all of its many parameters
  • Independent control of early reflections and reverb tail
  • Integrated 5-band EQ
  • Over 100 invaluable presets for music and post-production
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