Sonnox Oxford TransMod Native RTAS, AU, VST


Sonnox Oxford TransMod Native RTAS, AU, VST

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The Transient Modulator enables dramatic control of signal transients. It can completely exaggerate or dampen the invasions, with continuous variation between all settings. A ‘soggy’ drum kit can be brought to life, or a bass made to sound even more punchy. Alternatively, it can lift the ambience bordering a particular noise by relaxing the strike. The TransMod may enliven plain seeming recordings, without the undesirable modifications in total tonality connected with compression.


  • Fully 64-bit compliant
  • Accentuates or softens attacks and transients
  • Brings instruments forwards or pushes them back in the mix
  • Radically changes the dynamics of instruments
  • Variable harmonic enhancement for extra punch
  • Can have the effect of increasing or decreasing room ambience
  • Gives life to dull sounding recordings without the artifacts of compression
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