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Analog saturation has long been the magic mojo that engineers have made use of as their swiss army knife of combining. It’s utilized on drums, bass, vocals guitars, every thing. It can be made use of to beef things up, slim things out, give them some edge, fry them up nice, add a little bit of warmth, take things away from the mix, or even develop a signature sound. Used subtle to extreme, analog saturation is the golden child of terrific mixes. That’s why we took our time, acquired and listened to all the fantastic analog classics, as well as meticulously made that magic for you in Decapitator.

Decapitator is more than just an emulation of the analog noise. It has the analog feel. You could hear the refined adjustments reacting to the monitor, observing the characteristics of the instrument. That’s exactly what analog is all about. Not a static photo (No convolution right here) yet a transforming receptive style of all those tubes as well as cords (And mindful notes), as well as transistors. The noise of real equipment, but with the adaptability of software. Our modeled tone control let’s you shape and also curve, and also our mix control let’s you mix back in the dry signal without the requirement for routing and also submixes. The most effective of both worlds.

In our laboratory we gathered so much neat analog equipment. From preamps to compressors. From tape machines to EQ’s. Venerable gear and also present day equipment. All of it so we can listen to exactly how the noise changed and also relocated as well as made it’s special ambiance. We selected several of the models that had the most distinct noises, the styles that had a flavor both refined and severe, and also made them quickly accessible on the front panel. By adding analog designed tone control we boosted the sonic possibilities much beyond several of the originals and give you an extremely pliable “analog” scheme to produce with.

Given that we understand that sound is not constantly nice, we have actually featured a convenient method to make certain it’s not great. Our “Punish” button pitches in another chuck of gain to push it over the edge. This device let’s you steer challenging and also answers like it’s analog equivalent, it screams in pain. Not your typical stomp-box distortion, Decapitator supplies you those unique premiums that only stem from driving higher end studio gear. Hear exactly how each design has it’s very own sound of lovely agony when you strike the “Punish” button as well as crank it up.

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