SoundToys TDM Results puts all nine SoundToys plug-in in one box, at a fantastic rate. You acquire the unused EchoBoy plus SoundBlender, Speed, FilterFreak, PitchDoctor, PhaseMistress, PurePitch, Tremolator and Crystallizer. SoundToys TDM Effects is the clear-cut plan of professional consequences plug-ins for Pro Tools HD, from the layout group that produced the fabled H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer.

World-Class Consequences
SoundToys effects plug-ins have actually been the secret weapon of numerous world-class engineers and developers worldwide, and are a vital active ingredient in producing a professional, completed mix. Receive all of the pro’s favored “toys” in one awesome deal. We produced these impacts to give you the kind of high-end results needed for a professional seeming mix. We desired you to have resources that might improve all the effort you invest to seeming good. You do not need a “Freebie” echo muddying your vocal after you devoted so much time (and money) getting it right. Get the pro noise of all the traditional studio equipment without the problem, routine maintenance, and cost. All the high quality, the collection, and a degree of imaginative flexibility never offered on the old gear is right here in SoundToys TDM Consequences.

Further than Emulation
Back in the 80’s when we were creating the H3000 and DSP4000, we were obsessed with making our studio impacts as clean and pristine as possible. Well, we have actually all learned a few things because then. Now, with Pro Tools, we need something even more natural from our virtual outboard equipment, and with SoundToys we have actually crafted a brand-new variety of consequences like EchoBoy, FilterFreak, and Tremolator that blend actual analog color scheme with some absolutely innovative possibilities only feasible in software.

Specialist Vocals and Voice Style
SoundToys TDM Results offers you singing tuning, harmony and tonality control, increasing, plus a professional appearing reflect and put off to make your vocals stand out. Transcending that, we provide you creative resources like filters, pitch-shifting, phasing, and choruses to include added zest to voices, or develop whole brand-new characters for voice style in games, film, or radio.

Mix, Remix, and Sound Layout
Consequences are the topping, the ingenuity and the uniqueness to a mix. This bundle gives you the most thorough collection of resources to let your creativity go nuts. Discover the perfect result to make “Your Guitar Sound” or a signature vocal sound. Use our Rhythmic devices to cut up, funk up, and go nuts your remix so your mix receives noticed. Take your good layout to brand-new levels. These tools not just solid fantastic, yet we made them to be more than their analog counterparts. Like they claimed in those old computer game ads, “The strength is in your hands !!”.

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