SPL DynaMaxx DE-COMPRESSOR Dynamics Controller & Processor Easy To Use


SPL DynaMaxx

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Part of the SPL Analog-Blue series, the DYNAMAXX is a new type of dynamics processor that has both corrective and creative applications in those areas normally addressed by conventional compressors. In keeping with the SPL design philosophy, it incorporates many new features not found on standard compressors, and a slightly unconventional approach to the control system makes is surprisingly easy to use.

The DynaMaxx compressor/limiter/noise fence gives disarmingly ease of usage with signal-dependent automation of time constants. It likewise premiers unique de-compression components to restore endurance e. g. from over-compressed audio files.

The DynaMaxx is preferably fit when unobtrusive, musical compression results as well as trusted set & fail to remember affair are crucial. SPL’s distinct Double VCA Drive innovation uses 2 outstanding VCAs in a differential mode for max clearness, characteristics, and also least expensive distortion worths. I/Os: both XLR ports and 1/4 inch TRS stereo jacks for balanced operation.

This is similar to the “make-up” gain control used on conventional compressors and is provided to restore signal levels that have been reduced by the compressor action. This control also compensates for any gain increase in De-Compression mode. The control has a range of 20dB. 

Soft Limit
Switches between Compression mode and Soft Limit mode for a very gentle soft-knee-characteristic with minimized audible side effects.

Effect Compression
In this mode, the Release time is set to a fixed 60ms to produce a ‘vintage compression’ effect that works very well on solo instruments and occasionally voices.

Converts the compressor to an upward expander that allows to de-compress highly compressed audio signals, such as samples, keyboards sounds or previously recorded tracks that have been overcompressed. Each parameter function is inverted in De-Compression mode.

Stereo Couple
The Stereo Couple function ensures that both channels produce the same degree of gain change, maintaining a coherent and stable stereo image.

Noise Gate
Each channel incorporates a Noise Gate with ARC (Auto-Release-Circuitry). The Close-LED indicates when the Noise Gate shuts.

Both channels of the DynaMaxx are equipped with a 20-digit LED ladder meter displaying gain changes to a resolution of 1dB. The displayed values range from -10dB to +9dB. Each channel also has an additional Signal LED which illuminates when the input signal is hotter than -40dB.

Side Chain
If it is required to patch in external processing, both left and right channels have Side Chain inputs. If an acceptable sidechain signal is being received, a LED on the front illuminates.

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Additional information

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