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Parametric EQ & Qure-Tube Sound
The Qure gives a silky sheen and an unmistakable presence to vocals and guitars.
The classic sound of coil filters, that are operating in proportional-Q mode, and the inimitable Qure function make this equalizer a very special one. The Qure is a fully parametric equalizer, specially designed to meet the most demanding studio applications. It is a 3-band, two-channel system with input and output gain controls, high-cut and low-cut filters as well as the new Qure control for the enhancing presence and room imaging of vocals, instruments and complex stereo material.

Both balanced XLR and balanced stereo jacks are provided for signal connections to and from the Qure.

The proportional-Q principle provides precise control over a frequency range, from 15Hz to 21kHz, while the low noise level of -99dB (A-weighted), and the enormous dynamic range of 113dB make the Qure ideally suited for mastering and cutting. By employing circuitry designed around the principles of perceived sound, rather than simply designing by numbers, the Qure overcomes the limitations of conventional parametric equalisers.

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