Sugar Bytes Robotronic Superb-sounding Easy-To-Use Vocoder


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Robotronic is an outstanding appearing and effortless to use vocoder which can process mono and stereo input signals, features sampler and synthesizer and includes quite helpful attributes like the Regularity Focussing and Formantshifting.

Robotronic is fairly functional:

  • – Mono signals can easily be vocoded with each other
  • – An intgrated Sampler could be utilized as modulator
  • – An interior synthesizer could be used as provider for mono and stereo inputs and sampleplayer
  • – The Vododer features Regularity Focussing, Formant Shiftig and Transient Feedback Control


Both audio inputs have a full channelstrip with Gate, Compressor and get phase. Speech feedback is simply incredible! The sound is so damn crisp and clear, it’s simply crazy!On the outputs you will certainly appreciate 3 Band EQ, Compressor and a multi effects system with four charming signal-pimpers. This is the vocoding sound you have always imagined! So make your dream become a reality and do the Robotronic.

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