Universal Audio 1176-SA Stereo Adapter


Universa Audio 1176-SA Stereo Adapter

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Run Your 1176s in Stereo!

You are aware and
love Universal Audio’s venerable 1176 compressor/limiter. But, sometimes, just one channel just isn’t enough. Plus, if you have a couple of these amazing units your able to use, you want a convenient, calibrated way to run them in stereo. This is exactly why Universal Audio brings back its 1176-SA stereo adapter, which allows you to run two mono 1176 units in a calibrated stereo configuration. A recreation of the original unit, the 1176-SA features two RCA connections, a shielded chassis, and an onboard long-life battery. This adapter works with both vintage and modern versions of the 1176.

Universal Audio 1176-SA Stereo Adapter Features:

Calibrates two 1176 units for stereo operation
2 gold-plated RCA jacks
Grounding post
Metal chassis
2-year battery included

Additional information

Additional information

Weight5 lbs


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