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Recording Studio Consultants: Design, Construction and Integration Services

So you want to build a recording studio!?

You have decided that you are going to take the plunge and finally build that dream recording studio in your home or on a commercial property? That is fantastic! There is nothing more rewarding than having your own space to create and feel inspired in. Recording studios come in all types of configurations ranging from makeshift bedroom arrangements, to garage build-out studios, to fully functional multi-room commercial facilities. Whichever studio build you choose to go after, we would like to offer you a helping hand, and offer you guidance based upon over 15 years of studio construction and integration.




  • My company has a rich history of building and integrating recording studios all over the world, in tour busses, and under ground!
  • Little Fish Audio has managed over 85 studio construction and integration projects.
  • Through this hard earned experience we have learned how to get great results, within your budget and timeframe.



What sets us apart from other recording studio designers, builders, and integrators?

Simply put, we have seen the entire picture more times than we can count. We have been the artist building a studio on a shoestring budget. We have been the commercial studio manager who needs to maintain efficiency, stability, quality, and great VIBE.  We have been that engineer on countless Platinum selling albums; and know which current, bleeding edge essential tools are needed to create hits. We have built commercial studios with contractors, and highly acclaimed, world class studios with the sweat of our own brow. We know where to cut costs, and where to never, ever skimp. Reiterative trial and error over a long period of time is what has given us the experience to go beyond client expectations time and time again.



We make sure that you get exactly what you want, on the first try.

What does the process look like?

First we gather data:

Who: Which instrumentalists/ vocalists / artists will be captured? How many at a time? Will they need to do it simultaniously? Are seperate live rooms necessary? Will they be aloud to “hang out”?

What: What will the recording process typically look like given the work you will be doing? What type of music will you be recording and mixing? What tasks will be performed (tracking, programming, overdubbing, mixing, mastering)? Do you want something that looks and sounds better than anything that you have ever experienced? Do you want amazing sonic accuracy AND fantastic design to fit your style and aesthetic sense? What vibe are you looking to create? Do you have any pictures or media that you would use as inspiration for your creative space?

Why: What is the ultimate purpose for your recording studio? Being brutally honest about this will help. Do you expect to court big name producers and artists, or do you want a cozy place to record yourself and a few friends? Do you need the space for composition and writing mainly? Do you need world class, “finished” mixes? Do you simply want to create and listen to music in it’s purest form, in an acoustically accurate environment?

When: When do you want to finish this studio build and be able to work? What time of day will you be recording?

Where: Where will the recording studio and live room be located in relation to your other rooms? In relation to you neighbors? In relation to outside noiise? Are there any physical or structural limitations which we would need to consider when planning these rooms?

How: How much of the project do you want to oversee? Some of the steps to be taken after we have answered the aformentioned questions are:


  1.  Drawings and architectural renderings and/or rough sketch of the recording studio, live rooms, booths, machine rooms, lounges, etc. Ergonomics, acoustic accuracy of listening position(s), sound isolation, lighting, and aesthetic are what we consider here. We try to exceed your expectations and plan to WOW you!
  2.  Construction: Materials, labor, equipment, permits (if needed). There are very specific building techniques used to decouple rooms from each other, and the outdoors. Sound electrical circuit planning is critical in getting a great sound, and avoiding unwanted RF noise and ground hum. Building channels to route wiring, and paneling to interface the client is critical. HVAC noise must be mitigated at all costs. Mechanical noise within the room needs to be made non-existent. There are a myriad of issues to be foreseen when getting your studio to sound and look just right.
  3. Equipment selection: Which DAW (digital audio workstation : software)  will you be using (if any at all)? What preamplifiers, compressors, equalizers, mixers, monitors, and interconnects will be needed? Have you chosen a good mix of microphones to compliment and capture the sounds of your studio? Will you be using DSP (processor) intensive mixing requiring additional computer power? Will all equipment and patch panels for your  rooms be integrated to a patchbay? Would you like to control the recording and mix process with a touchpanel, mouse, or ipad? Would you like to be able to press “record” from any room? You dream of it, and we can do it. We have met some of the wildest requests imaginable.
  4. Integration: Time to get out the soldering Iron! Not only do our techs have experience repairing and building equipment they have also soldered over 1,000,000 solder points (we have been counting). Custom cabling and connections that fit your studio to very tight tolerances are not a problem. Software installation and system testing: We make sure that every piece of software and hardware is working as it should, and there are no hickups. We build systems with redundancy in mind with multiple hard drives, and backup regulated power, to keep your system running smoothly, and safely.
  5. Instruction: We write the manual to your studio! We setup default templates that you can always come back to should things get a little hairy. 
  6. Future Service and troubleshooting: We are confident in our ability to troubleshoot your system, many times over the phone. We are able to troubleshoot most of your issues remotely.
  7. Instruction: Would you like to learn better engineering techniques, composition methods, or any particular software suite? We have a network of experts who are masters in their field, with accolades to show that they know their stuff. Learn from the best!

How long: What is the timeframe needed for these steps to occur?

Budget: What is your budget? Put another way: What would you be happy spending on your craft and this wonderful creative space? Is there a ballpark between “highway robbery” and “breaking the bank?” Let us know about these parameters so that we can get the most out of your hard earned money!


Our services include:

– Design of your dream recording studio.

– Consultation for Recording Studio construction, integration, maintenance and business marketing.

– Studio Construction project management

– Recording Studio wiring and integration

– Wiring plans, patchbay layouts, and custom made cabling.

– Full installation and exhaustive testing of your recording equipment, computer systems, and software.

– Ongoing Maintenance

– Consultation and project management fees can be credited towards up to 10{022dddffe6d414eae11dac49e1644d06777320d26073e5de05f05c54736920d6} of equipment purchases.*

Should you need assistance making your dream studio a reality please do not hesitate to contact us:

[email protected]

(877) 442-8346


* Credited towards full, published prices published by authorized retailers for the products requested.


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