Why Choose Little Fish Audio?

Choosing the right tools for your recording studio can be quite an endeavor! With more choices available today than ever before, the noise-floor of salesmanship, bluster, and gear lust, seems to be loudest with those who have the least, truly PRACTICAL experience in the field. We are a group of recording engineers from Miami, Fl and beyond, who have learned to trust our ears first, and want to embolden YOU to do the likewise.

Our pledge is to treat our clients the same way that we would want to be treated, with respect, and given our full attention. There are plenty of places to pickup your next bit of kit (as the British would say). Ultimately, our focus is to edify our customers and site visitors with trustworthy, “bleeding edge” recording technology; embolden them to make sound decisions on the tools that will shape their recordings on their own. We have found that the recording and mixing learning curve has been relatively steep for us, and looking back, a lot of the hard work and confusion has been needless. We continue to fall back on training and trusting our ears. As a company, the following summarizes our core beliefs:

  • We believe in lowering the noise floor. There is more ballyhoo and marketing-speak in the music making marketplace than ever before, which has made choosing appropriate tools incredibly difficult for even the most well trained veteran recordist.
  • We believe that developing our ears through playful experimentation with recording and mixing tools should be fun; intellectually, aesthetically, and even spiritually fulfilling. We relish the rough cut, and the final mastered mix.
  • We believe in relationships. Because we have been the beneficiaries of support from mentors, friends, colleagues, and fellow travelers in the recording studio over the last two decades. We cannot keep the knowledge that we have received unless we give it away! Great relationships are what we value above all else.
  • We believe in furthering music recording as an art-form; making great studio recording available to the starving artist and the multi-platinum artist alike.
  • We embrace the economic realities of the music industry. Earning a living in the recording industry has NEVER been as difficult as it is today. At the same time, the technology needed to make great recordings has never been less expensive!
  • We embrace technology.  The tech landscape has changed the way that we make music. The quality of digital modeling and DSP has made sound inside the computer indistinguishable from sound running though chaings of vintage analog processing. Technology presents new techniques to workflow, and gives us more choices on HOW to create a record. More choices, does indeed have its issues.
  • We do our best to eschew gear-snobbery, because we have been gear snobs and it isn’t very becoming. Fixating on the gear, and not the recording process, is a recipe for confusion, upset, and financial ruin. Some of our FAVORITE tools are our most inexpensive tools.

We our honored to have you as a site visitor, prospective client, or long time customer.


Joshua Lewis